De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2019/03–425

De Chinese plantjes op de Maan waren even groot nieuws. Tot de maannacht zijn intrede deed en alles dood vroor. Een anticlimax. De twee lanceringen deze week waren er twee opmerkelijke. Er was eerst een (mislukte) lancering vanuit Iran. En Japan lanceerde een wel heel opvallend satellietje (naast de hoofdsatelliet). Het ding moet “vallende sterren” gaan maken.

Bij de foto: De Hubble Space Telescope is ondertussen weer “back in business”. Volgens een recent rapport zou de ruimtetelescoop het nog minstens tot 2025 moeten volhouden.

Chang'e-4 – Er groeien plantjes op de Maan. Nu ja, nu niet meer.
GB Times: Chang'e-4: Cotton seeds are sprouting on the far side of the Moon.
BBC: China's Moon mission sees first seeds sprout.
De Morgen: China laat katoenplantje ontkiemen op de maan: "De Chinezen hebben de maan gekoloniseerd”.

GB Times: Lunar nighttime brings end to Chang'e-4 biosphere experiment and cotton sprouts.
SpaceCom: China's Moon Plants Are Dead.
New Scientist: China’s moon garden is dead as the craft is plunged into lunar night.
EuroNews: China's moon plants are dead. Here's what happened.

SpaceCom: China's Chang'e 4 Moon Mission Faces Its First Big Freeze on Lunar Far Side.
Space Daily: Chang'e-4 to measure lunar temperatures during freezing night.

Space Daily: Craters surrounding Chang'e-4 pose challenge to lunar rover.
Space Daily: China's new lunar rover faces challenges on moon's far side.

PhysOrg: NASA and China collaborate on Moon exploration.
ABC News: China says it exchanged data with NASA on far side landing.

De filmpjes.
Scott Manley: Chang'e 4 Lunar Landing In Detail.
The Planetary Society: Yutu-2 rolls across the surface.
New China TV: China's Chang'e-4 mission sees first ever seed sprout.
SciNews: Chang’e-4 biological experiment - the first cotton sprout on the far side of the Moon.

En de toekomst?
Space News: Chang’e-4 spacecraft enter lunar nighttime, China planning future missions, cooperation.
SpaceCom: China Details Future Moon Plans, Including Polar Research Station.
Space Daily: China unveils follow-up lunar exploration missions.
Space Daily: China envisions moon base after far-side success.
Geek Wire: In the 2020s, China aims to lay groundwork for a moon base — plus missions to Mars.
XinhuaNet: China unveils follow-up lunar exploration missions.

The Space Review: Why the Chang’e-4 Moon landing is unique.

Iran – Satellietlancering mislukt.
NPR: Iran Is Preparing A Launch. But Is It For A Space Rocket Or A Missile?

CBS News: Iran admits failed launch of satellite U.S. worries about.
Military Times: Iran satellite fails to reach orbit after launch that worried US.
Space Daily: Iran satellite in US row fails to reach orbit: state media.

Spacewatch Global: Iranian Launch Attempt Of Payam-e Amirkabir-1 Satellite Ends In Failure.

SciNews: Simorgh launches Payam-e Amirkabir Satellite.

Japan lanceert o.a. satelliet die “vallende sterren” moet simuleren.
De hoofdsatelliet was de RAPIS-1, ALE-1 (Asto Live Experiences) moet artificiële “vallende sterren” genereren.
JAXA: Launch Success, The Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstoration-1 aboard Epsilon-4.
JAXA: RAPIS-1 Completion of Critical Operations Phase.

Japan Today: Japanese rocket blasts into space to deliver world's 1st artificial meteor shower.
The Jakarta Post: Shooting stars on demand: Japan start-up plans 2020 meteor shower.
NasaSpaceFlight: Japan’s Epsilon conducts RAPIS-1 launch.
SpaceCom: Japan Launches Meteor-Spawning Minisatellite, 6 Other Spacecraft to Orbit.

De Morgen: Japan lanceert satelliet die kunstmatige meteoren aanmaakt.

De filmpjes:
JAXA: Epsilon-4 Mission Introduction.
JAXA: Epsilon-4 Launch (de live uitzending).
Video From Space: Blastoff! Japan's Epsilon Rocket Launches 7 Satellites

Nog een filmpje uit 2016:
Wall Street Journal: World's First Artificial Shooting Stars.

Tussen haakjes, Rusland wil reclameborden in de ruimte plaatsen die ‘s nachts duidelijk zichtbaar moeten zijn vanop de Aarde.
Universe Today: Astronomers Aren’t Pleased About a Russian Plan to Put Billboards in Space
Science Alert!: Russian Startup Wants to Put Ads in Low-Earth Orbit to Ruin The Sky For Everybody.

En nog een korte bijdrage over de twee lanceringen van deze week:
TMRO: Launch Minute || January 18 2019  (filmpje).

Delta Heavy met een geheime opdracht.
Bij het samenstellen van deze Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart stond een Delta Heavy klaar om een geheime militaire satelliet te lanceren.
Meer details volgende week.
NasaSpaceFlight: ULA Delta IV-Heavy set for NROL-71 launch following lengthy delay.

In volgend filmpje wordt er ingegaan op het voorbije uitstel.
ULA: NROL-71 Launch Attempts.

Nieuwe testvlucht New Shepard op 21 januari.
Space News: Blue Origin reschedules New Shepard test flight.

Een overzicht van de vorige testvluchten.
Blue Origin:New Shepard Flight History: Missions 1-9.
Uiteindelijk moet dit allemaal leiden tot de (veel) grotere New Glenn.
Blue Origin: New Glenn: The Road to Space.

Indische lancering gepland op 24 januari.
Space Daily: ISRO to launch Kalamsat, Microsat on PSLV-C44 on January 24.
The Hindu: PSLV-C44 to lift-off with added features.

Toekomst Stratolaunch onzeker.
GeekWire: Stratolaunch space venture sharply scales back its operations, months after Paul Allen’s death.

Meer raketnieuws.
Parabolic Arc: Vector Announces Dedicated Nanosat Launch For Hiber.

Reuters: Firefly Aerospace is behind Florida rocket project: sources.

Ars Technica: Relativity Space to launch from historic Florida site.
Space News: Relativity to build launch site at Cape Canaveral.

Reuters: Boeing-Lockheed's Vulcan rocket design 'nearly fully mature'.

Parabolic Arc: CGWIC Signs Agreement to Launch Satellogic Earth Observation Constellation of 90 Satellites.

Geek Wire: Satellogic strikes Chinese deal to launch 90 satellites for Earth-watching network.
Ars Technica: Chinese firm scores a win in smallsat-launch competition.

Space News: Arianespace targets 12 launches this year, more counting OneWeb, Vega C debut.

En nog een filmpje:
Seeker: The X3 Ion Thruster Is Here, This Is How It'll Get Us to Mars.

ISS – Dragoncapsule keert terug naar de Aarde.
NASA: Dragon Back on Earth as Crew Revs Up Station Science.
NasaSpaceFlight: CRS-16 Dragon returns to Earth following ISS departure.
GeekWire: SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ship leaves space station and splashes down in the dark.

De filmpjes:
Space Videos: SpaceX Dragon Departing from the ISS (de lange versie).
SciNews: SpaceX CRS-16: Dragon departure from the ISS.

Meer ISS nieuws.
TASS: First manned launch in 2019 may be postponed from March 1 to early April.

NASA: Aging Faster in Space to Age Better on Earth.
Space Daily: Beans to be next vegetable on astronauts' menu by 2021.
NASA: Astronauts Study Head and Eye Pressure, Wearable Body Monitor.
SpaceCom: Astronauts Could Be Growing Beans in Space in 2021.

CSA: David Saint-Jacques aboard the International Space Station (filmpje).
CSA: Earth from the Cupola of the International Space Station (filmpje).

Sputnik News: NASA Astronaut Hague Who Failed to Reach ISS May Make One-Year Flight – Source.

De Indische bemande  ruimtevaartplannen.
Spacewatch Asia Pacific: ISRO’s Human Spaceflight Plans Starting To Take Shape.

SpaceX – Bouw Starship prototypes enkel in Texas (niet LA).
Geek Wire: SpaceX says it’ll build and test its Starship prototypes in Texas, not Los Angeles.
LA Times: In blow to Los Angeles, SpaceX is moving some Mars spaceship and booster work to Texas.
NasaSpaceFlight: SpaceX gearing up for Starship tests at Boca Chica.
Teslarati: SpaceX separates Starship prototype’s nose and tail to install giant propellant tanks.

SpaceX – Ander nieuws.
Teslarati: SpaceX nears Falcon 9 lunar rideshare launch as main satellite arrives in FL.
Teslarati: SpaceX’s partial Falcon 9 landing failure could delay next West Coast launch.

The Verge: How SpaceX’s first astronaut crew is preparing to take on a brand new spacecraft.

LA Times: SpaceX is slashing jobs as customers hit pause on big-satellite launches.

Orion/SLS – Naar de Maan (en Mars).
ESA Orion Blog: European Service Module Welds Complete.
Spaceflight Insider: SLS Liquid Hydrogen Tank Test Article Placed On Test Stand. NASA keeps SLS moving despite shutdown.
Seeker: How NASA Plans to Return to the Moon (filmpje).

Nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

SciShow Space: Why Does It Take So Long to Get to Mercury?

TASS: Russia to launch first Obzor-R radar satellite in 2020.

Spacewatch Asia Pacific: Chandrayaan 2 lunar mission launch expected in april 2019.

ESA: Parachute testing.
ESA: ExoMars software passes ESA Mars yard driving test.
Een filmpje vind je hier.
The Martian Chronicles: Sol 2292: Dust to Dust.
Space Daily: Dust storm activity appears to pick up south of Opportunity.

Jupiter & Saturnus:
Science: Dueling spacecraft look deep into Saturn and Jupiter.

NASA JPL: Scientists Finally Know What Time It Is on Saturn.
Alert Science: Last Readings From Dead Space Probe Reveal Something Surprising About Saturn's Rings.
Universe Today: Cassini Saw Rain Falling at Titan’s North Pole.
SpaceCom: NASA May Decide This Year to Land a Drone on Saturn's Moon Titan.
JHUAPL: The Dragonfly Mission to Titan: Exploration of an Ocean World (filmpje/voordracht).

The Planetary Society: Hayabusa2 team sets date for sample collection, considers two touchdown sites.

Ultima Thule:
NH Website: The PI's Perspective: We Did It — The Bullseye Flyby of Ultima Thule!.
SETI Institute: New Horizons and Ultima Thule with Mark Showalter.

Hubble Space Telescope weer in orde. Spekt-R wellicht verloren. JWST krijgt verwittiging.
Hubblesite: Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 to Resume Operations.
SpaceCom: Hubble Space Telescope's Glitchy Eye Should Clear Up Soon.
NASA: Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 Recovered, Collecting Science Data.
SpaceCom: Hubble Space Telescope Will Last Through the Mid-2020s, Report Says.

TASS: Cosmic radiation possible cause of Spektr-R failure – source.
TASS: Onboard systems of Spektr-R telescope operate in normal mode.
TASS: Russian space telescope still not responding to Earth’s command — Roscosmos.
TASS: Specialists will try to regain control over Spekr-R radio telescope on January 21.

Space News: House spending bill fires warning shot at JWST.

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