De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2019/31–451

Er was deze week weer heel wat verkeer rond het International Space Station. Maar als alles goed gaat, dan verdwijnt dat nieuws een beetje in de achtergrond. Zeker als men bij SpaceX de SpaceHopper een eerste keer laat springen. Dat en nog veel meer in het Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart van deze week.

Bij de foto: The Planetary Society testte met succes haar LightSail 2.

ISS – Dragon-capsule met robotarm aan ruimtestation bevestigd.
NASA ISS Blog: Dragon Captured With New Science Experiments.
NASA ISS Blog: Dragon Installed to Station’s Harmony Module for Cargo Operations.
NASA ISS Blog: Crew Unloads Dragon as Russian Cargo Ships Depart, Prep for Launch.

Spaceflight Now: SpaceX’s Dragon cargo capsule arrives at space station.
Spaceflight Now: Photos: SpaceX completes resupply run to International Space Station.

SciNews: SpaceX CRS-18 Dragon berthing.
SciNews: SpaceX CRS-18 Dragon capture.

Nog een terugblik op de lancering.
America Space: Up Close Pad Cameras & Beach House Mound views CRS-18 launch.

En nog dit:
Spaceflight Now: SpaceX to begin flights under new cargo resupply contract next year.

ISS – Progress gedumpt in de oceaan.
TASS: Progress MS-11 space freighter dumped in Pacific Ocean.
Life Science: A Russian Space Cargo Ship Just Fell to Earth. See Its Fiery Demise.

Russen lanceren militaire comsat.
TASS: Meridian satellite launched from Plesetsk spaceport.
TASS: Meridian satellite deployed into planned orbit.
NasaSpaceFlight: Soyuz 2-1a launches Meridian 8 out of Plesetsk.
Spaceflight Now: Russia launches military communications satellite.

Lancering Japanse MOMO mislukt.
Japan Times: Privately launched Momo-4 rocket fails after liftoff, crashes into sea off Hokkaido.
Beelden van de lancering vind je hier.

ISS – Russen bevoorraden ruimtestation.
TASS: Russia’s Soyuz-2.1a rocket with Progress MS-12 space freighter blasts off from Baikonur.

NASA: Russia’s Progress Cargo Craft Racing Toward Space Station.
NASA: Russian Progress Cargo Ship Reaches Station in Just Two Orbits.

Spaceflight Now: Progress cargo freighter lifts off, reaches space station hours later.
NasaSpaceFlight: Progress MS-12 docks with ISS to restock Station supplies through early-2020.

De filmpjes:
Roscosmos TV: Progress MS-12 gekoppeld aan adapter.
Roscosmos TV: Progress MS-12 in de neuskegel.
Roscosmos TV: Eindassemblage raket.
Roscosmos TV: Progress MS-12 op weg naar het lanceerplatform.
Roscosmos TV: Lancering Progress MS-12.

SciNews: Progress MS-12 launch.
SciNews: Progress MS-12 docking to the ISS.

NASA: Progress 73 Arrives to the ISS.

SpaceX – Lancering Amos-17 uitgesteld. Tweede “static fire test” gepland.
Teslarati: SpaceX transports Falcon 9 to launch site ahead of Block 5’s second expendable launch ever.
Teslarati: SpaceX test-fires Falcon 9 for expendable Block 5 launch as bad weather threatens delays.
Teslarati: SpaceX delays expendable Falcon 9 satellite launch for an unprecedented second static fire test.

Spaceflight Now: SpaceX targets Saturday launch with Amos 17 communications satellite.

Beelden van de eerste statische test vind je hier.

SpaceX – Meer beelden v/d eerste StarHopper-hop. Volgende test moet gaan tot 200 meter.
Teslarati: SpaceX CEO Elon Musk posts uncut Raptor, drone videos of Starhopper’s flight test debut.
Teslarati: SpaceX moves Starhopper back to launch pad, puts 200m hop test on the calendar.

Space News: SpaceX flies Starhopper test vehicle for first time.
Space News: Report outlines SpaceX’s plans for Starship launches from KSC.
Het rapport in kwestie vind je hier (PDF).

SpaceCom: Elon Musk Says a SpaceX Starship Design Update Is Coming in Mid-August.

Nog wat beelden van die eerste hop.
Video From Space: Multi-Views! SpaceX Starhopper’s 1st Untethered Hop - Drone, Engine & Starship Cams.

Ariane VI – Lanceerpad nadert voltooiing.
ESA: Ariane 6 mobile gantry first rollout.

ArianeGroup: First public photo of Ariane6 main stage fuel tanks.
ArianeGroup: Ariane 6 Vulcain Engine: Successful qualification testing.
Air & Cosmos: Ending of the qualification tests of Ariane 6’s engine Vulcain 2.1.

ESA: First rollout of Ariane 6 mobile gantry.
CSG: Ariane 6 - Evolution du chantier ELA4 - juillet 2017 à juin 2019.
CSG: Ariane 6 - Chantier ELA4 - Juillet 2019.
ESA: Ariane 6 at Europe's Spaceport.

RocketLab wil tweede lanceerpad op het Mahia schiereiland.
Parabolic Arc: Rocket Lab Seeks Changes at Mahia Peninsula for Second Launch Pad.

Raketnieuws uit China.
New China TV: China's liquid oxygen-methane rocket engine completes key test (filmpje).

China Daily: New port will host sea-based space launches.

Space News: Chinese Long March launch tests grid fins for safety, future reusability.

Raketnieuws uit Rusland.
Reuters: India to buy Russian rocket engines for its space program: RIA.
Sputnik News: Russia Seeks to Use Its RD-180 Rocket Engines Which May Be Rejected by US In Soyuz-2.1 Carriers.

Commercial Crew.
Teslarati: SpaceX’s crewed Dragon launch debut likely to slip into 2020 as NASA pursues “realistic” dates.
Florida Today: Boeing readies 'astronaut' for likely October test launch.

Boeing: Boeing Starliner Engineer Gets Paid to Pretend She’s an Astronaut. 

ISS – Meer nieuws over het ruimtestation.
ESA: Cryptography ICE Cube experiment.
NanoRacks: NanoRacks Flies Science Mission for First Emirati Astronaut, Commercial, Educational Customers on SpaceX ISS Launch.
Japan Today: Japan to launch rocket with cargo vessel to space station in Sept.
Spaceflight Now: JAXA to launch eighth HTV space station cargo mission in September.

NASA: SpaceCast Weekly - July 26, 2019.
NASA: SpaceCast Weekly August 2, 2019.
NASA: Space to Ground: Gateway to the Future: 07/26/2019.
NASA: Space To Ground: Fast Track: 08/02/2019.
Science At NASA: NASA ScienceCasts: Cutting-edge Biomanufacturing Aboard the International Space Station.
NASA: Expedition 60 ESA Inflight with European Media - July 29, 2019.
ESA: Research in space for all: foams.
Houston, we have a podcast: Space Tourism and Commercialization.

NASA Marshall: Rocket Science in 60 Seconds: What Is the SLS Green Run Test? (filmpje).
Ars Technica: The SLS rocket may have curbed development of on-orbit refueling for a decade.

ARTEMIS – Orbit Beyond verbreekt contract met NASA.
Space Policy Online: CLPS contractor that was to be first on moon pulls out.
Space News: Commercial lunar lander company terminates NASA contract.

ARTEMIS – Nieuwe samenwerking met industrie om technologie voor de maan en Mars te testen.
NASA: NASA Announces US Industry Partnerships to Advance Moon, Mars Technology.

Space News: Blue Origin and SpaceX among winners of NASA technology agreements for lunar landers and launch vehicles.
Geek Wire: Blue Origin gets in on three partnerships with NASA to boost missions to the moon.
Space News: NASA Teams with SpaceX, Blue Origin and More to Boost Moon Exploration Tech.
Ars Technica: NASA agrees to work with SpaceX on orbital refueling technology.
Teslarati: SpaceX to mature Starship Moon landing and orbital refueling tech with NASA’s help.
SpaceCom: Will Private Companies Beat NASA to the Moon?

En ondertussen vraagt NASA naar nieuwe voorstellen.
NASA: NASA Announces Call for Next Phase of Commercial Lunar Payload Services.

Nieuws uit de Belgische ruimtevaart.
The Brussels Times: Belgium sends microbe experiment to International Space Station.
rtbf: Une expérience belge dans l'espace pour étudier l'agriculture lunaire.
TEDx Talks: How can we better protect astronauts from space radiation? | Sarah Baatout | TEDxAntwerp.

Het tweede bodemmonster van Hayabusa 2 bij Ryugu.
Voor de verslaggeving verwijzen we naar vorige NUDR.

Bij deze de filmpjes
JAXA: Hayabusa2 2nd Touchdown movie.
SciNews: Hayabusa2’s second touchdown on asteroid Ryugu.

Parabolic Arc: Hayabusa2’s MASCOT Lander Confirms What Scientists Have Long Suspected at Asteroid Ryugu.

Nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

NASA: Flowing Antarctic Ice Mapped 10 Times More Accurately.
NASA: Siberian Smoke Reaches U.S., Canada.
TASS: Roscosmos publishes satellite images of wildfires in Siberia.
NASA: NASA Targets Coastal Ecosystems with New Space Sensor.

XinhuaNet: China's micro lunar orbiter crashes into Moon under control.
SpaceCom: A Tiny Chinese Lunar Orbiter Just Crashed on the Moon's Far Side (on Purpose).
NASA: The Moon and Mercury May Have Thick Ice Deposits.
PhysOrg: Inside dark, polar moon craters, water not as invincible as expected, scientists argue.
Science Alert: There May Be Way More Water on The Moon Than We Thought. It's Time to Go Back.
The Hindu: Chandrayaan 2 moves higher in orbit.
The Hindu: Chandrayaan 2 and every other moon mission mapped
SpaceCom: 50 Years After Apollo, India Is Carrying a NASA Laser Reflector to the Moon (And It's Only the Start).
Sputnik News: Chinese Moon Lander, Rover Awaken for 8th Lunar Workday.
Russia Today: Moon landings FACT-CHECK: Russian space geeks seek to fund satellite to scan for lunar mission trace.
Space Watch: iSpace selected by ESA to support lunar mission.

The Martian Chronicles: Sol 2478 – 2480 – Goin’ Up.
The Martian Chronicles: Sol 2481: On the Lookout for a Drill Site.
The Martian Chronicles: Sols 2482-2483: A Drill with a View.
The Martian Chronicles: Sol 2483: Anticipating Drill Hole Number Three (And Maybe Number Four) Within Glen Torridon.
The Martian Chronicles: Sol 2484: Preparing to Drill.
The Martian Chronicles: Sols 2485-2487: Affirm-Etive: We are GO for drilling at Glen Etive 1!
NASA: NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Does Biceps Curls.
SpaceCom: Move Over, Energizer Bunny! NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Just Got Its Nuclear Battery.
Spaceflight Now: Mars 2020 rover on track for launch next July.
NASA aPPEL Knowledge Services: Inflatable Decelerator Could Unlock Larger Missions to Mars.

NASA: Asteroid Bennu Revealed – NASA Media Teleconference.

ESA: Asteroid’s surprise close approach illustrates need for more eyes on the sky.

LightSail 2 – Zonnezeil boekt succes.
The Planetary Society: LightSail 2 Spacecraft Successfully Demonstrates Flight by Light.
New Scientist: LightSail 2 has used sunlight alone to steer around Earth.
Spaceflight Now: LightSail teams declares success in solar sail experiment.

Enkele filmpjes:
The Planetary Society: Opening Solar Sails in Space.
The Planetary Society: LightSail 2 - Mission Success!
EuroNews: Satellite is first 'spacecraft' to be propelled only by sun energy.

Nieuwe ontdekkingen van TESS.
NASA: Confirmation of Toasty TESS Planet Leads to Surprising Find of Promising World.
SpaceCom: NASA's TESS Exoplanet Hunter Goes Above and Beyond in Mission's 1st Year.
EurekAlert: NASA's TESS mission finds 'missing link' planets.
EurekAlert: NASA's TESS mission scores 'hat trick' with 3 new worlds.

Een filmpje:
NASA Goddard: TESS Helps Reveal Multiple Planets, Including Promising World.

Cheops – Chandra.
ESA: Cheops passes final review before shipment to launch site.

NASA Small Steps, Giant Leaps Podcast: Episode 15 – 20 Years of Chandra discoveries.

Defecte satellieten en verzekeringen.
Space News: Intelsat pins Intelsat-29e failure on external event, readies replacement order.
Via Satellite: Intelsat Satellite Failure Cuts into Q2 Revenues.

NASA: GOES-17 Mishap Investigation Board Study Completed.

Parabolic Arc: Satellite Insurance Rates Increasing After Failures of Vega, WorldView-4.
Yahoo Finance: Space insurance costs to rocket after satellite crash.

Een Franse Space Force.
Euronews: 'May the force be with vous’: France unveils space weapons plan (filmpje).
Space Newsfeed: French defence, space command to be created.
Air & Cosmos: France fleshes out its military space strategy.
Defense News: France plans to boost its self-defense posture in space.
SpaceCom: France Is Launching a 'Space Force' with Weaponized Satellites.

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