De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2021/42–569

Een mooi gevulde aflevering, met o.a. een geslaagde Ariane V lancering (belangrijk voor de James Webb Space Telescope). En wat het Space Launch System betreft, die eerste lancering wordt gepland voor februari 2022. Benieuwd of de Super Heavy / Starship nog eerder zijn eerste orbitale lancering zal kennen. Dat en nog veel meer in het Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart van deze week.

Bij de foto: Met een geslaagde Ariane V lancering lijkt alles klaar voor de lancering van JWST op 18 december. Foto:Arianespace.

China en Amerika en het hypersonische wapen.
De Morgen: Vijf keer sneller dan het geluid: ‘China voerde test met hypersonische raket uit’.
FNN: China calls missile launch ‘routine test’ of new technology.
The Guardian: US ‘very concerned’ despite China denials over hypersonic missile.
SpaceCom: China successfully tested hypersonic weapon in August: report.
SupChina: China denies report of hypersonic missile test.
TASS: Russia sees no threats over reports of China’s hypersonic weapon tests, says Kremlin.

SatTrack Leiden: A Chinese FOBS surprise (and other stuff of nightmares) [UPDATED].
SatTrack Leiden: The Chinese space plane test of 16 July 2021: orbital, not suborbital?

SpaceCom: The US military just launched 3 rockets from a NASA center to boost hypersonic weapons research.
Breaking Defense: Hypersonic Space Test Fuels Sino-American Arms Race.
Space News: China’s hypersonic vehicle test a ‘significant demonstration’ of space technology.

China’s Shiyan-10 actief na (vermeende ?) foute lancering.
Space News: A Chinese satellite is now active weeks after an anomaly during launch.
NasaSpaceFlight: Chinese Shiyan-10 satellite raises its orbit after initial problems.

Zuid-Koreaanse Nuri-lancering (KSLV-II) verloopt niet geheel naar wens.
Spaceflight Now: South Korean satellite launcher set for first test flight.
Spaceflight Now: South Korean rocket fails to reach orbit on inaugural test flight.
Space News: South Korea’s 1st homegrown space rocket reaches space but fails to orbit dummy payload .
NasaSpaceFlight: South Korea’s KSLV-II conducts maiden launch.
The Hindu: South Korea unsuccessfully test launches 1st domestically made space rocket.
Parabolic Arc: South Korean Satellite Launch Fails as Third Stage Falters.

Spacepage: Zuid-Koreaanse Nuri raket voor het eerst gelanceerd.

SciNews: Nuri maiden launch.
IRL: Live: Nuri (KSLV-II) - Test Flight.
IRL: Nuri (KSLV-II) Test Flight Isolated Launch Views.
Scott Manley: Korea's New Rocket Falls Short Of Orbit, But Is Still A Big Step Forward.

Recordvlucht voor Ariane V na enig uitstel. Klaar voor JWST. 
Arianespace: Operated by Arianespace for the benefit of SES and the French Ministry of the Armed Forces; Ariane 5 VA255 flight is the highest performing ever launched to geostationary transfer orbit.
De persmap (PDF) vind je hier.

ESA: Ariane 5 sets new record on latest launch.
Thales Group: Two communications satellites built by Thales Alenia Space now in orbit..
SES: SES-17 Successfully Launched on Ariane 5.

SpaceCom: Arianespace delays double-satellite launch indefinitely to allow extra ground systems checks.
Spaceflight Now: Ariane 5 launch delayed for more ground systems checks.
Spaceflight Now: Under watchful eye of NASA, teams prep for final Ariane 5 flight before Webb.
NasaSpaceFlight: Ariane 5 launches civilian, military satellites; mission to clear way for James Webb launch.

Arianespace: VA255 Replay Lift-Off.
SciNews: Ariane 5 launches SES-17 and SYRACUSE 4A.

Minder geld voor ruimtevaart in Rusland.
Ars Technica: Putin slashes Russia’s space budget and says he expects better results.
Parabolic Arc: Vladimir Putin to Roscosmos: Do More with Less.

Toerisme – Met een ballon naar grote hoogte.
Space News: World View revives plans for stratospheric balloon passenger flights.
Space News: Space Perspective raises $40 million for stratospheric ballooning system.
Parabolic Arc: Space Perspective Raises $40 Million Series A Round to Expand High Altitude Balloon Travel.

Inside Outer Space: Edge Of Space Travel: Ballooning Expectations.

Toerisme – Blue Origin blikt terug op vlucht William Shatner.

Blue Origin:Recap: New Shepard Mission NS-18.
Blue Origin: Blue Origin’s Launch Site One.
Blue Origin: The New Shepard Design.
Blue Origin: Meet CrewMember 7.

Ook Oliver Daemen blikt terug op zijn vlucht (NS-17).
Blue Origin: The New Shepard Experience: Oliver Daemen.

Toerisme – Uitstel voor volgende Virgin Galactic vlucht.
Space News: Virgin Galactic postpones SpaceShipTwo flight, begins maintenance period.
Parabolic Arc: Virgin Galactic Delays Italian Flight Test; Start of Commercial Service Delayed to Q4 2022.
SpaceCom: Virgin Galactic delays next crewed space launch to 2022.

BE-4, de motor voor New Glenn en Vulcan.

Blue Origin: Experience XEEx: Home of the BE-4 Rocket Engine.
Blue Origin: New Glenn: Building the Road to Space.

Lanceerbasissen in Europa.

AstroBlogs: Noorwegen wil als eerste Europees land satellieten lanceren van eigen bodem.
Inside Outer Space: Norway Funds Spaceport for Satellite Launch.

Ondertussen in de UK:
NasaSpaceFlight: UK spaceports and launchers gearing up for first flights.
The Press and Journal: Rockets from Unst: Race for space from Shetland takes off.

Lanceerbasissen in Canada.
Toronto Star: MLS holds open houses on spaceport plans: Company meets with both enthusiasm and opposition.

Commercial Crew – Onderzoek Starliner problemen loopt verder.
Space News: Starliner valve investigation continues to focus on moisture interaction with propellant.
Space News: NASA supports Boeing as Starliner valve investigation continues.
Spaceflight Now: Boeing zeros in on cause of Starliner launch delay.

Scott Manley: Boeing's Starliner Is Delayed Another Year - Were the Alternatives Better?
Wall Street Journal: Boeing’s Starliner Spaceship Delays, Explained.

Toerisme – Geen vrijvliegende Crew Dragon vlucht voor Space Adventures.
Space News: Space Adventures no longer planning Crew Dragon flight.

ISS – NASA op zoek naar bijkomende bemande ruimtevluchten (de eerder bestelde SpaceX vluchten zijn bijna op).
Space News: NASA starts process to acquire more commercial crew missions. RFI – NASA Commercial Crew Space Transportation Services.
SpaceCom: NASA wants to buy more astronaut rides on private spaceships.

ISS – Over de terugkeer van de filmcrew (Soyuz MS-18).
TASS: Film crew arrives in Moscow after their space mission.
TASS: Challenge film aboard orbital outpost not start of space movie race — cosmonaut.
TASS: Filmmaker certain first-ever movie shot in outer space bound to ‘pay off’.
TASS: Cosmonaut praises training of film director Shipenko, actress Peresild for ISS mission.
TASS: Production of first movie filmed in space to last until late 2022 — director.
TASS: Actress Yulia Peresild reveals her biggest discovery from space.
TASS: Film director says spaceflight changed his view on filmmaking.
TASS: Film crew arrives in Zvezdny Gorodok for rehabilitation after spaceflight.
TASS: Russian space agency chief praises quality of footage made by film crew aboard ISS.

PhysOrg: Back to gravity: Russians talk about world's 1st space movie.

Ruptly: LIVE: Russian space movie crew arrives in Moscow.
RT: Russian film crew holds press conference after returning to Earth from ISS.
RT: ‘We all want to go to space someday’.

ISS – Crew 5.
Kyodo News: Japan astronaut Koichi Wakata to embark on his 5th space mission.

ISS – De blogentries, Daily Summary Reports en Science Highlights.
NASA Space Station Blog: Crew Focuses on Exercise, EVA Preparation, and Maintenance.
NASA Space Station Blog: Station Gears Up for Russian Resupply Ship Relocation.
NASA Space Station Blog: Crew Works Maintenance, Botany Before Resupply Ship Relocation.
NASA Space Station Blog: Russian Cargo Craft Undocks from Station to Switch Ports.
NASA Space Station Blog: Crew Studies Space Physics and Ergonomics Before Cargo Craft Redocks.
NASA Space Station Blog: NASA TV Live for Russian Cargo Craft Redock to Station.
NASA Space Station Blog: Russian Cargo Craft Redocked to Station.
NASA Space Station Blog: Crew Stepping Up Upcoming Cargo Mission and Crew Swap Preps.

NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/15/2021.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/18/2021.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/19/2021.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/20/2021.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/21/2021.

Space Station Science Highlights: Week of October 18, 2021.

ISS – Meer nieuws uit het ruimtestation.
SpaceCom: Russian cargo ship to make a novel day-long parking spot swap at space station.
NasaSpaceFlight: Progress MS-17 making over 24 hour long relocation at space station.
TASS: Progress MS-17 spacecraft undocks from ISS over Mongolia.
TASS: Progress MS-17 spacecraft docks with Nauka module at ISS.
Spaceflight Now: Progress cargo ship relocated to new module at International Space Station.

ISS National Lab: 2020 ISSRDC Award: Mighty Mice in Space.

NASA: Space to Ground: Pepper Countdown: 10/22/2021.
NASA: SpaceCast Weekly - October 22, 2021.
Roscosmos TV: De ontkoppeling van Progress MS-17 (live).
Roscosmos TV: De herkoppeling van Progress MS-17 (live).
SciNews: Progress MS-17 relocation.
ESA: Floating through the Space Station in 360.
NASA: Expedition 66 Inflight with - October 21, 2021.

Commerciële ruimtestations.
SpaceRef: Nanoracks, Voyager Space, and Lockheed Martin Teaming to Develop Commercial Space Station.
NASA Watch: Axiom Says That Their NASA-funded Space Station Is Not NASA-Funded.
SpaceCom: Meet Starlab: Private space station planned to fly in 2027.
Space News: Nanoracks and Lockheed Martin partner on commercial space station project.

Artemis 1 – Voorbereidingen op de eerste lancering in februari 2022.
Space News: NASA expects vaccination mandates to have little impact on Artemis 1 preparations.
Spaceflight Now: NASA moves Orion spacecraft to the Vehicle Assembly Building.
NASA Artemis Blog: Stacking Operations for Artemis I Mission Nearing Completion.
NASA: NASA Completes Mega-Moon Rocket Stacking, Invites Media to Learn More.
BBC: Orion: Nasa's Moon-ship is attached to SLS megarocket.
NasaSpaceFlight: Artemis 1 Orion joins SLS to complete vehicle stack.

Spacepage: NASA's Space Launch System voor het eerst volledig geassembleerd.

NASA: NASA Fully Stacked for Moon Mission, Readies for Artemis I.
Spaceflight Now: NASA targets February launch for Artemis 1 moon mission.
SpaceCom: NASA targets February launch for Artemis 1 mission on its 1st first moon rocket since Apollo.
Space News: NASA sets Artemis 1 launch for no earlier than February.

Collect Space: Artemis I Orion Lift and Mate atop SLS.
ESA: Artemis I stacked.

Artemis 2.
NASA KSC: Orion ‘Powerhouse’ for Artemis II Arrives at Kennedy.
ESA: Loading for the Moon.
ESA: European Service Module-2 arrives at Kennedy Space Center.

Artemis – HLS.
Space News: Senate appropriators direct NASA to select second Artemis lunar lander.

Artemis – Nog meer nieuws.
The Space Review: The Artemis Accords after one year of international progress.
NASA KSC Blog: NASA Tests Landing Pad Materials For Future Lunar Missions.

NASA: Action! Filming a Simulated Lunar Landing From the Dusty Desert Floor.

SpaceX – Protest tegen Starbase (Boca Chica).
CNBC: Environmentalists sue over Texas beach closure for SpaceX rocket tests.
Ars Technica: Supporters and opponents of SpaceX launch site air their concerns.

SpaceX – Starship.
Teslarati: SpaceX’s first orbital Starship launch slips to March 2022 in NASA document.
Teslarati: SpaceX uses robot dog to inspect Starship after first engine test in months.
Teslarati: SpaceX begins installing ‘Mechazilla’ arms designed to catch Starship rockets.
Teslarati: SpaceX Starship fires up Raptor Vacuum engine twice in one hour.

SpaceCom: SpaceX fires up SN20 Starship prototype for 1st time (video).
Space News: SpaceX Boca Chica environmental review draws strong public support and criticism.
Ars Technica: How SpaceX ignited a new Raptor engine on Starship without an explosion.
SpaceCom: Elon Musk says SpaceX could launch Starship orbital flight test next month.
NasaSpaceFlight: Ship 20 completes milestone RVac Static Fire – Musk cites ambitious path to launch.
SpaceCom: FAA wraps up public hearings on SpaceX Starship launch site environmental review.
Spaceflight Now: Musk says Starship may be ready for orbital launch next month, but FAA review continues.

TechCrunch: The mystery of Elon Musk’s missing gas.

De (alweer) vele filmpjes:
NasaSpaceFlight: Large Methane Tank Moved to the Launch Site | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: New Starship Aft Section Sleeved | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: Ship 20 Engine Testing with Orbital Starship Prototype.
NasaSpaceFlight: Ship 20 Prepared for Static Fire Testing | Starship Update (Narrated).
NasaSpaceFlight: Ship 20 Raptor Engine Preburner Testing - Chopsticks & Carriage Prepped for Lift | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: Starship Chopsticks Catch System Installation - Livestream Archive.
NasaSpaceFlight: Chopsticks and Carriage Lifted Onto the Launch Tower | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: Starship Prototype Ship 20 Static Fire Testing.
NasaSpaceFlight: Ship 20 First Static Fire Testing | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: Mechazilla's Chopsticks Stand On Their Own | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: NASA HLS Mockup Nosecone Scrapped | SpaceX Boca Chica.

What about It? Starship 20 double static fire analysis & Mechazilla installed!

Lucy heeft een probleempje met één van zijn zonnepanelen.
NASA Lucy Blog: Lucy Spacecraft Healthy; Solar Arrays Being Analyzed.
NASA Lucy Blog: NASA Team Remains Focused on Lucy’s Solar Arrays.
NASA Lucy Blog: Lucy Spacecraft Healthy as NASA Continues Solar Array Assessments.

Space News: NASA investigating issue with Lucy solar array.
The Verge: NASA’s newly launched Lucy spacecraft is having issues with one of its solar panels.
SpaceCom: NASA's Lucy asteroid probe settles into Earth-orbiting cruise as engineers tackle solar array glitch.
Spaceflight Now: NASA officials optimistic Lucy asteroid mission will overcome solar array snag.

Nog een filmpje:
ULA: Atlas V Lucy Launch Highlights.
ULA: Atlas V Lucy Rocket Cam.

België – Proba 1 is 20 jaar oud.
ESA: Proba-1 Celebrates 20th Birthday In Orbit.
ESA: Mini Earth-observer Proba-1's 20 years in orbit.

Nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

SpaceCom: Forecasting space weather is hard. A new Australian satellite may help make it easier.

ESA: BepiColombo’s first tastes of Mercury science.
ESA: Sound of the solar wind at Mercury (filmpje).
ESA: Feeling a close Mercury flyby (filmpje).
ESA: How a spacecraft ‘feels’ a planetary flyby (filmpje).

SpaceCom: Life on Venus may never have been possible.
NASA: Ten Mysteries of Venus.

ESA: La Palma volcano: How satellites help us monitor eruptions.
ESA: La Palma as captured by Copernicus Sentinel-2.
Space News: Planet unveils Pelican Earth-imaging constellation.
SpaceCom: Solar storm hits Earth, bringing northern lights to New York.
Via Satellite: ESA to Integrate Iceye’s SAR Data into Copernicus Mission.

Space News: CAPSTONE launch delayed to March 2022.
Chinese Academy of Sciences: China's Chang'E 5 Lunar Samples Reveal New Information about the Moon.
Chinese Academy of Sciences: Chang'E-5 Mission Sheds Light on the Evolution of the Moon.
Chinese Academy of Sciences: 47 Lunar Fragments Help Fill Gap of Two Billion Years in Lunar History.
The Register: Forget everything you learned playing Lunar Lander: Chinese boffins reveal secrets of Chang'e 5 probe's touchdown.
CNA: Samples from China mission show Moon 'active' more recently than thought.
Science: China’s Moon rocks reveal puzzlingly persistent volcanic eruptions.
ECNS: China's Chang'e-5 mission offers new insights into evolution of Moon (foto’s).
SciNews: Chang’e-5 reveals the youngest lunar samples to be directly dated (filmpje).
Parabolic Arc: NASA, Australia Sign Agreement to Add Rover to Future Moon Mission.
NASA: VIPER: Full-scale Artemis Rover Prototype Takes Shape.
NASA: VIPER: NASA Artemis Moon Rover Model Build Time-lapse (filmpje).
Spacewatch: Israel-UAE joint space projects include new Lunar mission.
Inside Outer Space: South Korea’s First Moon Mission.
TASS: Russia to launch Luna-27 lunar lander mission atop Angara rocket from Vostochny spaceport.

NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3272-3273: Emerging From the Shadows...
NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3274-3275: Rover Wheel Prints.
NASA: With First Martian Samples Packed, Perseverance Initiates Remarkable Sample Return Mission.
NASA: Mars Sample Return Conceptual Animation (filmpje).
SpaceCom: Perseverance's first major successes on Mars — an update from mission scientists.
NASA: Hear Sounds From Mars Captured by NASA's Perseverance Rover.
The Mars Society: MOXIE Project Update - Dr. Michael Hecht - 2021 Mars Society Virtual Convention (filmpje).
The Mars Society: Ingenuity Mission Update - Teddy Tzanetos - 2021 Mars Society Virtual Convention (filmpje).
SciNews: Zhurong during the Mars solar conjunction (filmpje).
SpaceCom: At Mars, China's Tianwen 1 orbiter and Zhurong rover are back in action after a radio blackout
Ars Technica: The first Arab mission to Mars is delivering some interesting science
SciTechDaily: UAE Mars Mission Captures Elusive Aurora on Red Planet
The Hindu: Watch | Mangalyaan: 7 years in orbit
NASA: We Asked a NASA Scientist – Did Mars Ever Look Like Earth? (filmpje).
Universe Today: How to Prevent our Spacecraft From Contaminating Mars
SuperCluster: Rolling the dice with cheaper missions to Mars.

NASA: Water Vapor Detected In Europa’s Atmosphere (filmpje).

PhysOrg: Titan's river maps may advise Dragonfly's sedimental journey.
AGU: Are Enceladus's tiger stripes fault lines? (filmpje).

Zenit: ‘Ringbergen’ op Pluto zijn geen ijsvulkanen.

Planetoïden (NEO’s).
Universe Today: You Can Blow Up an Asteroid Just a few Months Before it Hits Earth and Prevent 99% of the Damage.

En de rest van het zonnestelsel.
MIT News: Scientists find evidence the early solar system harbored a gap between its inner and outer regions.

Russische satelliet keert terug als een vuurbal.
SpaceCom: Failed Russian spy satellite falls to Earth in brilliant fireball (video).
Een filmpje vind je hier.

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