De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2018/11 – 383

Slechts één lancering deze week, wat helemaal niet wil zeggen dat deze NUDR een mager beestje is. Integendeel. Zo was er heel wat te doen over enkele kleine satellietjes die zonder licentie gelanceerd werden, werd er heel wat geschreven over de genen van een ruimtevaarttweeling, en is er weer heel wat nieuws over SLS, Orion en de terugkeer naar de Maan. Musk had het over een mogelijke eerste lancering van zijn BFR in 2019 (?), staat Rocket Lab voor zijn eerste operationele lancering en is er nog een hele berg aan ander raketnieuws. Uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte stelen de planeten Mars en Jupiter de aandacht, werden veranderingen aan Ceres opgemerkt en het volgende doelwit van New Horizons kreeg eindelijk een wat mooiere naam. Verder nog wat over de recentste buzz-woorden als het over satellieten gaat zoals Satellite Servicing en In Space Manufacturing. En na zoveel ruimtevaartnieuws ronden we af met nog een uurtje aan ontspannende beelden annex muziek.

China lanceert “Land Survey Satellite”.
GB Times: China to resume intense space launch schedule with Long March 2D rocket on Saturday.
NasaSpaceFlight: Long March 2D launches LKW-4.
Spaceflight101: China Adds Fourth LKW Constellation Member via Successful Long March 2D Launch.

Beelden van de lancering vind je hier.

Er zijn meer Chinese lanceringen op komst.
GB Times: Space tracking ship leaves port to support Chinese Beidou and telecommunications satellite launches.

En wat het ruimtestation betreft, volgende LM 5-lancering is van cruciaal belang.
Space News: China’s Long March 5 heavy-lift rocket to fly again around November in crucial test.

Chinese ruimtestation(s): Het oude komt terug, op het nieuwe is het nog even wachten.
Spacepage: Chinees ruimtestation keert binnenkort terug naar de Aarde.
SatTrackCam: One month left for Tiangong-1 [UPDATED].

En nog wat filmpjes:
CCTV English: China’s Space Station.
New China TV: Weightless training for Taikonauts.
New China TV: Vibration training for Taikonauts.

Lightfoot neemt ontslag als waarnemend NASA-baas.
Parabolic Arc: House Space Subcommittee Members Criticize Inaction on Bridenstine Nomination.
Parabolic Arc: Acting Administrator Lightfoot Announces Retirement From NASA.
Space News: Lightfoot expects few NASA changes despite leadership uncertainty.

Oeps. Gelanceerd zonder licentie.
IEEE Spectrum: FCC Accuses Stealthy Startup of Launching Rogue Satellites.
Geek Wire: FCC stings Swarm Technologies after an unauthorized launch of tiny satellites.
Space News: Industry worried about regulatory backlash after unauthorized cubesat launch.

ISS – Genes In Space.
NASA: NASA Twins Study Confirms Preliminary Findings.
Universe Today: 7% of Scott Kelly’s Genes Changed After A Year In Space.
The Verge: No, space did not permanently alter 7 percent of Scott Kelly’s DNA
Ars Technica: Scott Kelly’s medical monitoring has spawned some horrific press coverage.

ISS – Klaar om nieuwe bezoekers te ontvangen.
Spaceflight101: Next Space Station Crew Enters Launch Campaign at Baikonur Cosmodrome.

NASA: Spacewalk and cargo preps punctuated with media outreach.
NASA: Station Orbiting Higher Ahead of New Crew and Cargo Missions.
TASS: ISS orbit raised by 400 meters before manned spaceflight launch.

En nog enkele filmpjes van de assemblage van de raket.
Roscosmos: Soyuz MS-08.
Roscosmos: Soyuz MS-08 wordt in de neuskegel geplaatst.
Roscosmos:  Soyuz MS-08 en de raket. Plaatsen ontsnappingstoren.

ISS – Allerlei wetenschappelijke experimenten.
NASA: Material Samples to be Tested on the International Space Station.
NASA Johnson: Space to Ground: A Unique Experience: 03/09/2018.
Parabolic Arc: NASA Selects Variable Gravity ISS Centrifuge for Funding.
EurekAlert!: UH optometrist investigates changes in eye structure in astronauts.
TMRO: SpacePod: Artificial Intelligence Robot headed for ISS.
Science At NASA: The Power of Studying Combustion on the ISS (filmpje).

ISS – Meer nieuwtjes.
Popular Mechanics: Russia's Space Agency Might Break Up With the U.S. To Get With China.
EuroNews: The International Space Station was never supposed to end like this.

Space Daily: Keeping astronauts safe in inflatable habitats.

Ars Technica: Inside the International Space Station with Astronaut Scott Kelly.

Commercial Crew.
Space News: Safety panel warns of “bottleneck” of reviews for exploration and commercial crew vehicles.

Florida Today: SpaceX: We'll fly life support on uncrewed Dragon test flight.
Aerojet Rocketdyne: Aerojet Rocketdyne Ships Starliner Re-entry Thrusters.

NASA: Testing the SLS Intertank for the NASA's Exploration Missions.

Airbus Defence and Space: Orion ESM Progress Meeting in Les Mureaux (filmpje).

Return To The Moon.
Space Policy Online: House committee still wants Mars in 2033, worries about space technology at NASA.
NASA: NASA, Partners Seek Input on Standards for Deep Space Technologies.

Parabolic Arc: NASA Outlines New Lunar Science, Human Exploration Missions.
Parabolic Arc: A Closer Look at NASA’s Proposed Human Exploration Plan.

SpaceCom: NASA Sees Strong International Interest in Lunar Exploration Plans.
SpaceCom: NASA Shapes Science Plan for Deep-Space Outpost Near the Moon.

NasaSpaceFlight: Cislunar station gets thumbs up, new name in President’s budget request.

Air & Space: It Takes a (Moon) Village.

Naar Mars.
CBS News: Elon Musk on first Mars explorers: "Good chance you'll die".
SciShow: What Happens to Your Body If You Die on Mars?  (filmpje)

Time: Donald Trump Said America Is Going to Mars. Here’s Why That Won’t Happen Any Time Soon.

BFR zou volgend jaar al proefvluchten doen. Toch volgens Musk.
Geek Wire: Elon Musk Q&A: First Mars spaceship is being built, with flight tests set for 2019.
The Guardian: Elon Musk: we must colonise Mars to preserve our species after a third world war –  video.
ABC News: Elon Musk talks of a future space flight to Mars.
CBS News: Elon Musk says SpaceX will launch rocket to Mars in 2019.

Rocket Lab – Vector Systems – Firefly.
Parabolic Arc: Rocket Lab Plans for Electron Commercial Flight.
NasaSpaceFlight: Rocket Lab to capitalize on test flight success with first operational mission.
NasaSpaceFlight: Rocket Lab manifests third flight, aims for expanded flight rate and launch sites.
NZ Herald: "It's business time" for Rocket Lab as it prepares for fully-commercial launch.

Parabolic Arc: Vector to Conduct Dedicated Launch of Alba Orbital PocketQube Satellites on First Orbital Attempt.
Parabolic Arc: Vector Selected for NASA SBIR Award.

SpaceFlight Insider: Firefly Aerospace tests its 'Lightning' engine (filmpje).

Proton klaar voor een nieuwe start?
ILS: Proton Continues To Reinvent Itself To Compete.
ILS: Proton Medium: Right Sized For Today’s Smaller Satellites And Constellations.

ILS: ILS and Effective Space announce the ILS Proton Breeze M launch of two satellite-servicing space drone spacecraft in 2020.
Space News: Effective Space reserves ILS Proton rideshare for two satellite servicers.
BBC News: UK 'space drones' look to Proton rocket ride.

Motortesten en contracten voor Blue Origin.
Space News: Blue Origin signs Sky Perfect JSAT as fourth New Glenn launch customer.
Geek Wire: Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin strikes satellite launch deal with Japan’s Sky Perfect JSAT.
Parabolic Arc: mu Space Confirms Satellite Mission Aboard New Glenn.

Blue Origin: BE-4 Engine test: 65% power level and 114 seconds (filmpje).
Geek Wire: Jeff Bezos shares all 114 seconds of Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engine test firing.

Over mislukte lanceringen (Soyuz / Falcon 9).
Space News: Mysteries surrounding July 14 Soyuz flight solved? Not quite.

Drie jaar na de feiten:
Space Ref: NASA Independent Review Team SpaceX CRS-7 Accident Investigation Report Public Summary.
Het rapport vind je hier (PDF).

Nieuwe militaire lanceercontracten voor SpaceX en ULA.
Parabolic Arc: U.S. Air Force Awards Launch Contracts to SpaceX, ULA.
BizJournals: SpaceX, ULA land $645.4M launch contracts for U.S. Air Force.
CNBC: SpaceX and ULA win over half a billion dollars in new Air Force launch contracts.
Space News: Air Force awards big launch contracts to SpaceX and ULA.

Allerlei raketnieuwtjes.
ASI: VEGA C ready for the launch on 2019.

The Washington Post: Why is Paul Allen building the world’s largest airplane? Perhaps to launch a space shuttle called Black Ice.

Everyday Astronaut: What is block 5 of Falcon 9? Why throw non block 5's away? (filmpje).

SpaceCom: Single-Person Spacecraft Design Passes Pool Test.

NASA Wallops: Wallops Flight Facility: A Unique National Asset.
Reuters: U.S. space companies aim to help Brazil rocket base lift off.

NoozHawk: Commercial Space Firms Looking at Vandenberg AFB, Colonel Says.
The Denver Post: Will the Front Range become a hub for commercial space transportation? Countdown to decision is on.
Parabolic Arc: Group Launches Campaign to Protect Cumberland Island from Proposed Spaceport.
Parabolic Arc: FAA Draft Environmental Impact Statement Released for Spaceport Camden.
SpaceQ: Maritime Launch Services set to submit environmental assessment report for Nova Scotia Spaceport.

Nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

NASA: NASA Powers on New Instrument Staring at the Sun.

ESA Earth Online: Proba-1 sets new record.
SpaceCom: Meet 'Steve,' the Aurora-Like Mystery Scientists Are Beginning to Unravel.

Science News: Cosmic dust may create Mars’ wispy clouds.
GB Times: China's 2020 Mars probe undergoing testing for entry, descent and landing on the red planet.
Spaceflight Now: NASA to decide soon whether flying drone will launch with Mars 2020 rover.
NASA JPL: Next NASA Mars Rover Reaches Key Manufacturing Milestone.

NASA Goddard: Jupiter's Great Red Spot Getting Taller as it Shrinks, NASA Team Finds.
Het filmpje vind je hier
TMRO: SpacePod: Jupiter's Jetstreams! (filmpje).

NASA: NASA Dawn Reveals Recent Changes in Ceres' Surface.

NH Website: New Horizons Chooses Nickname for 'Ultimate' Flyby Target.

Space News: Planetary Resources revising plans after funding setback.
The Telegraph: Nasa draws up plans for huge spacecraft to blow up doomsday asteroid.

JWST, Kepler, TESS.
NASA: NASA’s James Webb Observatory Prepares for Additional Testing.

NASA: NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Nearing the End as Fuel Runs Low.

NasaSpaceFlight: TESS – the latest exoplanet finder – in final preparations for launch.

Satellite Servicing.
Orbital ATK: Orbital ATK Announces New Mission Extension Pods (MEPs) (filmpje).
Space News: Orbital ATK unveils new version of satellite servicing vehicle.

The Verge: NASA could look to Star Wars for building better space-bound robots for repairs.

Zie ook het hoofdstukje Meer Raketnieuws over de Space Drone van Effective Space.

In Space Manufacturing en aanverwante.
Parabolic Arc: Tethers Unlimited’s MakerSat Would Allow Small Satellites to Grow on Orbit.
Parabolic Arc: Made in Space Selected for 2 NASA SBIR Awards.

Satelliettechnologie – Aandrijvingen.
ESA: World-First Firing Of Air-Breathing Electric Thruster.
Futurism: We Just Completed a Record-Breaking Test of a Revolutionary Ion Engine.
Parabolic Arc: NASA Selects In-Space Propulsion Projects for SBIR Funding.
Parabolic Arc: Deep Space Industries to Provide Comet Satellite Propulsion for Astro Digital.

Om af te ronden: Sit back and relax.
Twee ESA filmpjes om te relaxen.
ESA: ESA – Space to Relax / Frozen planet.
ESA: ESA – Space to Relax / eARTh.

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