De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2018/16 – 388

Uitschieter deze week was – na de lancering van TESS, de nieuwe exoplanetenjager – misschien wel het terugvinden van de geheimzinnige X-37B, de onbemande mini-pendel van de Amerikaanse militairen. Het toestel, dat regelmatig onaangekondigde baanwijzigingen doorvoert, werd afgelopen dagen door amateur-satellietwaarnemers terug gevonden.

Verder was er nog een Russische lancering, de voorstelling van OmegA, Dreamchaser en uitstel voor de Electron. En uiteraard de wekelijks terugkerende thema’s ISS, SLS en Orion, en het (inter)planetaire nieuws.

En er is (eindelijk) een nieuwe NASA-baas. Al was de stemming (zeer) nipt.

SpaceX lanceert NASA’s nieuwste exoplanetenjager.
Alle artikels, filmpjes en enkele interessante PDF-documenten vind je in deze TESS-special.

Nog wat SpaceX-nieuwtjes.
Ferme de Quéménès: Falcon nosecone aangespoeld in Frankrijk.

SpaceCom: Elon Musk Says SpaceX Will Try to Land a Rocket with a 'Giant Party Balloon'.
TechnologyOrg: Musk Says that SpaceX will use a Giant Party Balloon to Bring an Upper Stage Back. Wait, what?

Ars Technica: It’s official: SpaceX will build its monster rocket in California.
ABC News: Los Angeles port commission approves SpaceX rocket facility.

SpaceX: The SpaceX engine testing facility in McGregor, TX.

Russen lanceren militaire satellieten.
Spaceflight101: Classified Proton Launch with 2nd Blagovest Satellite Appears on Schedule for Wednesday.
ILS: Khrunichev Space Center: Proton M Mission From Baikonur Cosmodrome Successfully Completed.
TASS: Proton-M carrier rocket with Russian military satellite launched from Baikonur.
Space News: Proton launches Russian defense comms satellite.
NasaSpaceFlight: Proton-M returns with Russian military launch.

Beelden van de lancering vind je hier.

Orbital ATK stelt OmegA voor.
OrbitalATK: OMEGA: Orbital ATK’s New Large-Class Rocket for U.S. Air Force.
Space News: Orbital ATK selects Aerojet Rocketdyne’s RL10C for newly christened OmegA rocket.
Florida Today: Meet OmegA, the new Orbital ATK rocket slated launch from KSC by 2021.
SpaceCom: Meet OmegA: Orbital ATK Unveils Name, Upper Stage Pick for Next-Gen Rocket.

Orbital ATK: OmegA: Orbital ATK’s New Large-Class Rocket.
Video From Space: Meet Orbital ATK's Fleet of Rockets.

DreamChaser steelt de show op het 34ste National Space Symposium.
Space News: Why Sierra Nevada’s owners are betting big on Dream Chaser.
Space News: Sierra Nevada weighing options for launching future Dream Chaser missions.
Florida Today: Sierra Nevada open to multiple rockets for Dream Chaser mini-shuttle launches.
Video From Space: Dream Chaser Space Plane at the National Space Symposium - Walk Around.

Uitstel voor eerste operationele Electron-lancering.
Space News: Technical issue delays next Rocket Lab Electron launch.
Parabolic Arc: Rocket Lab & York Space Systems Team to Develop Rapid Response Launch Capability.

Amateur-satellietwaarnemers vinden X-37B terug.
SpaceCom: US Military's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Spotted by Satellite Trackers.
SatTrackCam Leiden: Imaging the X-37B Space Plane OTV 5 post-manoeuvre.

Meer raketnieuwtjes.
Space News: Blue Origin expects BE-4 qualification tests to be done by year’s end.
Geek Wire: Blue Origin CEO says next-gen BE-4 rocket engine meets technical requirements.

Technology Org: DARPA Launch Challenge.

Parabolic Arc: New Rocket Motor Takes Flight in Mojave Desert (met filmpje).

Space News: Spaceflight books launch slots on two Arianespace Vega missions.

GB Times: OneSpace of China tests vertical assembly of rocket ahead of debut launch.
Beelden vind je hier

GB Times: China's Long March 5 to launch again in late 2018 after cause of rocket failure identified.
Parabolic Arc: Chinese Reveal Reason for Long March 5 Launch Failure.
Space News: China reveals cause of Long March 5 failure; lunar sample mission to follow return-to-flight.

Space News: S7 closes Sea Launch purchase, future rocket TBD.

ISS Nieuwtjes.
ESA: Alexander Gerst Horizons News Conference (filmpje).
Een brochure over de Horizons-missie vind je hier (PDF). 

Nasa Watch: NASA Quietly Submits ISS Transition Plan To Congress.
Het “ISS Transition Report” vind je hier (PDF). 
Space News: Taco Bell Space Station? It’s possible, panelists say.

NASA Johnson: Space to Ground: Genes in Space: 04/13/2018 (filmpje).
NASA Johnson: Space to Ground: Operating an Outpost: 04/20/2018 (filmpje).

NASA: NASA Takes First 3-D Microscopic Image on the Space Station.

DLR: Hyperspectral instrument DESIS en route to International Space Station in 2018.
NASA: New Research Activated as Biological Samples Packed for Earth Return Aboard Dragon.
NasaSpaceFlight: Station science excellent; Commercial Cargo-2 contracts making good strides.

SpaceCom: Tour the Space Station in VR with This Amazing 3D, 360-Degree Video.
Boeing: Take a 360 Tour inside Boeing's Starliner Factory.

Space Launch System.
NASA Watch: Radical Shift in SLS Launch Plans Discussed at MSFC.

NASA Marshall: How Well Do You Know NASA's Space Launch System?
Houston We Have A Podcast: The Space Launch System – Part 1.

Space News: Lockheed Martin working to lower Orion costs.
GrapTechPedia: NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Contains More Than 100 3D-Printed Parts.
Parabolic Arc: NASA to Launch StemRad’s AstroRad Radiation Protection Vest on Orion EM-1 Mission.

Maan / Mars.
NASA: NASA to Discuss Demonstration of New Space Exploration Power System.

Sputnik News: US, Russia Likely to Go to Mars Together, Former NASA Astronaut Says. 
Russia Insight: Putin: Russia Will Send People To Mars And The Moon (filmpje).

ESA: Walking on the Moon – Underwater.

Een filmpje vind je hier.
Hoe zo’n zwembad training verloopt, zie je in volgend half uur durend filmpje.
Universe Documentary: Astronaut Dive Training - A Part of Astronaut's Training Regimen.

Center for Space Policy and Strategy: Cislunar Development: What To Build – And Why (PDF).

Het nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

EMSpedia: The Copernicus Emergency Management Service: How Satellites Support Disaster Management.
Via Satellite: How Satellites Could Improve Oil Spill Cleanups in the Ocean.
Via Satellite: EarthNow Aims to Deliver Real-Time Video of Earth via Satellite.
Farm Futures: What satellites can't see.
NASA: NASA Marks Earth Day with #NASA4Earth Tools, Events.

GB Times: Chang'e-4 lunar far side mission satellites to be named on April 24.
GB Times: Student experiment to put plants, silkworms on far side of the Moon with Chang'e-4 mission.
GB Times: Forget the stratospheric chicken sandwich, China is sending potato seeds and silkworms to the Moon.

ESA: ESA signs collaboration agreement for commercial Lunar missions.
Sputnik News: Moon Village Already Exists in Contracts, European Space Agency Chief Says.

EumetSat: Crucial European Weather Satellite Prepares for Launch.

Sputnik News: EU-Russian Mars Mission Landing Site to Be Chosen Soon.

Planetoiden en kometen.
NASA JPL: NASA's NEOWISE: Four Years of Asteroid and Comet Data (filmpje).

Nog dit: Er is eindelijk een nieuwe NASA baas.
NASA:Statements on Jim Bridenstine’s Senate Confirmation as NASA Administrator.
Space News: Senate votes to confirm Bridenstine as NASA administrator.
Air & Space Mag: Jim Bridenstine Confirmed as NASA Administrator.
Parabolic Arc: Bridenstine Narrowly Survives Vote to Vote on His Nomination.
Space Policy Online: Bridenstine nomination squeaks through cloture after Flake changes his vote.
The New York Times: Trump’s NASA Nominee, Jim Bridenstine, Confirmed by Senate on Party-Line Vote.

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