De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2019/40–460

Er was misschien geen echte uitschieter deze week, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat er niks gebeurd is. Zoals in het ruimtestation. Een Europese astronaut is er nu commandant. En de ruimtevaarder uit de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten is terug op Aarde. De Russen en de VAE praten al over een langere vlucht. Dat en nog veel meer in het Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart van deze week. 

Bij de foto: Soyuz met drie inzittenden weer veilig op Aarde. Foto NASA/Bill Ingalls.

ISS – Italiaanse astronaut wordt ISS-commander.
ESA: Luca takes leading role for Europe in space.

NASA: Expedition60 to Expedition 61 Change of Command Ceremony - October 2, 2019

ISS – Drie astronauten weer op Aarde.
NASA: Station Swaps Commanders Before Crew Departure and Spacewalks.
NASA: Homebound Crew Boards Soyuz Crew Ship, Closes Hatch.
NASA: Multinational Trio Undocks from Station, Heads Home to Earth.
NASA: Touchdown! Three Multinational Crewmates Return to Earth.

NASA: NASA Astronaut Nick Hague, Crewmates Return Safely from International Space Station.

TASS: Soyuz MS-12 crew asks rescuers to bring peaches, dates to landing site.
TASS: Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft undocks from International Space Station.
TASS: Russia’s Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft with three crewmembers lands in Kazakh steppe.
TASS: Russia's space corporation eyes talks on longer spaceflight of UAE astronauts.

Khaleejtimes: Hazzaa covered in UAE flag, undergoes medical tests.

SpaceCom: The 1st Emirati Astronaut Has Had a Blast in Space, But It's Time to Come Home.
NasaSpaceFlight: Soyuz MS-12 return to Earth.
Collect Space: First Emirati astronaut lands with Russian and US crew from station.

De filmpjes:
SciNews: Soyuz MS-12 undocking and departure.
SciNews: Soyuz MS-12 hatch closure.
SciNews: Soyuz MS-12 landing.

ISS – Meer nieuws uit het ruimtestation.
Gulf News: The golden age of Arab discovery returns.
Gulf News: Hazzaa AlMansoori conducts experiments in space.
Gulf News: Has UAE astronaut Hazzaa’s head grown bigger in space?
Gulf News: Pictures: Hazzaa AlMansoori, UAE's first man in space
Gulf News: UAE in space: Look - Hazzaa shares photo of Makkah on-board the International Space Station.

De twitterberichten van Hazzaa AlMansoori vind je hier.

Sputnik News: Russia to Halve Number of Piloted Missions to ISS in 2020.

Express UK: NASA news: Astronaut Christina Koch is on track for record spaceflight - 328 days on ISS.

NASA: Space Station Science Highlights: Week of September 23, 2019.
ESA: Full house for space science.
PhysOrg: 'Tumors in Space' project studies cancer risk of cosmic radiation
Arabian Aerospace: Hazzaa AlMansoori conducts Osteology aboard ISS.

New Scientist: How to call the International Space Station.
Mashable: How do astronauts practice self-care in space?

NASA: Space to Ground: A Slew of Spacewalks: 10/04/2019.

Rocket Lab.
TechCrunch: Rocket Lab launch switcheroo shows the flexibility of the new orbital economy.

SpaceCom: Rocket Lab Gearing Up for 1st Launches from US Soil in Early 2020.

Over Rocket Lab:
SpaceCom: Rocket Lab: Private Spaceflight for Tiny Satellites.
SpaceCom: Rocket Lab's Electron Rocket.

Een filmpje:
Rocket Lab: Rocket Lab Launch Complex 2 - Launch Platform Installation.

Virgin Orbit & Virgin Galactic.
Via Satelllite: How Virgin Orbit’s Cosmic Girl is Moving Full Speed Ahead.
Virgin Orbit: Royal Air Force pilot seconded to Virgin Orbit.

PhysOrg: Virgin Galactic says it'll fly Italian air force researchers.
Parabolic Arc: Virgin Galactic, Italian Air Force Announce Contract for Human Tended Research Flight.
Ars Technica: Italy signs an agreement to fly on VSS Unity for research missions.
Space News: Virgin Galactic to fly Italian Air Force research mission.

Nog even wachten op bemande Blue Origin vlucht.
Space News: Blue Origin may miss goal of crewed suborbital flights in 2019.
Geek Wire: Blue Origin’s CEO says first space trips on New Shepard will cost ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’.

Relativity Space.
Relativity Space: Relativity Space closes 140 million series-c funding round led by bond and tribe capital.
TechCrunch: Relativity, a new star in the space race, raises $140 million for its 3-D printed rockets.
Space News: Relativity Space raises $140 million.
NasaSpaceFlight: Relativity Space Using 3D Printing to Launch a Growing Manifest amid Funding Boost.

SpaceCom: Relativity Space to Launch Satellite 'Tugs' on 3D-Printed Rocket.

SpaceX – Elon Mus en zijn Starship.
We komen nog even terug op de voorstelling van vorige zondag.
Teslarati: Tesla on Mars addressed by Elon Musk in SpaceX’s Starship Q&A session.
Teslarati: SpaceX publishes dedicated Starship webpage after Elon Musk’s presentation.

Ars Technica: Elon Musk, Man of Steel, reveals his stainless Starship.
Spaceflight Now: Elon Musk wants to move fast with SpaceX’s Starship.
PhysOrg: Elon Musk's Starship may be more moral catastrophe than bold step in space exploration.

The Space Review: Starships are meant to fly.
The Economist: SpaceX’s Starship is a new kind of rocket, in every sense.
The Verge: Elon Musk’s future Starship updates could use more details on human health and survival.

Er was ook wat kritiek van NASA’s Administrator Bridenstine.
SpaceCom: SpaceX's Starship Project Not Affecting Crew Dragon Flights for NASA, Elon Musk Says.
Teslarati: NASA head calls out SpaceX CEO Elon Musk over Starship event in bizarre statement.

Nog wat filmpjes
Scott Manley: Showcasing SpaceX's Shiny Stainless Starship.
What about it!?: SpaceX Starship Presentation 2019 Summary.
Everyday Astronaut: A conversation with Elon Musk about Starship.
Video From Space: SpaceX Starship Mk1 Cargo Bay - Take a Look Inside.

Meer SpaceX nieuws.
Teslarati: SpaceX is building Starship’s East Coast launch site at a breakneck pace.

Commercial Crew.
Teslarati: SpaceX aims to ship two new Crew Dragon spacecraft to Florida in the next two months.
Spaceflight Now: Hardware arrives in Florida for Crew Dragon in-flight abort test.
Houston We Have A Podcast: The SpaceX Crew Dragon.

Spaceflight Now: Boeing closing in on Starliner pad abort test.

Sputnik News: NASA, Roscosmos in Talks on More Soyuz Seats to Maintain US Presence on ISS Through 2020.

NASA: Large and on a Barge: SLS Core Stage Pathfinder Arrives at Kennedy.
Spaceflight Now: SLS pathfinder stage arrives at Florida launch site.
NASA: NASA SLS Rocket Testing Ensures Astronaut Safety, Mission Success.

Florida Today: Former NASA contractor found guilty of SLS-related fraud at Kennedy Space Center.

ARTEMIS – ESA Ruimtevaarders naar de Maan.
Daily Mail: Plans to land the first Europeans on the Moon 'will be in place by the end of the year', EU space chief claims.
Sputnik News: ESA Announces Plans on First European Manned Mission to the Moon.
The Science Times: Europeans On The Moon, To Be Final By December 2019.

ARTEMIS – Gateway.
Space News: Maxar selects Deployable Space Systems to build solar arrays for Gateway’s Power and Propulsion Element.
NASA: Flight of the Gateway and the Power and Propulsion Element (filmpje).

ARTEMIS – Op zoek naar een bemande maanlander.
Space News: NASA issues call for proposals for human lunar landers.
SpaceCom: NASA Is Now Accepting Proposals for Artemis Landers to Fly Astronauts to the Moon.

ARTEMIS – Naar de Maan in 2024.
SpaceCom: Trump Hails Mars As NASA's Next Target, Says the Moon's 'Not So Exciting'.

NASA: NASA Selects 25 Promising Space Technologies for Commercial Flight Tests.

SpaceCom: 'For All Mankind' Recruits Women Astronauts for Moon Landing in New Trailer.

Teslarato: SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket wins commercial Moon lander launch contract.
SpaceCom: SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Will Launch Private Moon Lander in 2021.
Space News: Intuitive Machines secures launch contract, wins lawsuit.

SpaceCom: Tons of Water in Asteroids Could Fuel Satellites, Space Exploration.

Nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

NASA: Sun Science has a Bright Future on the Moon.

SpaceCom: Stuck in Safe Mode, DSCOVR Earth-Watching Satellite May Finally Get Fixed: Report.
GPS World: ESA provides new maps of Earth from reflected satnav.
NASA: Successful Ocean-Monitoring Satellite Mission Ends.
CNES: Jason-2 altimetry satellite decommissioned after more than 11 years of ocean monitoring.

The New Indian Express: Chandrayaan-2: ISRO has not given up efforts to regain link with lander Vikram.
IEEE Spectrum: China Grew Two Cotton Leaves on the Moon.
Universe Today: China’s Lander Successfully Grew Some Cotton Plants on the Moon. Fruit Flies and Potatoes Didn’t Fare So Well.
Parabolic Arc: Chang’e-4 Rover, Lander Begin 10th Month of Work on Moon.
Spaceflight Now: Intuitive Machines selects SpaceX to launch commercial lunar lander.

NASA: NASA's InSight 'Hears' Peculiar Sounds on Mars.
NASA: Listen to NASA's InSight at Work on Mars (filmpje).
ABC News: NASA lander captures marsquakes, other Martian sounds.
The Science Times: Life On Mars Could Be Possible, But People On Earth May Not Be Prepared.
NASA: NASA's Push to Save the Mars InSight Lander's Heat Probe.
NASA: NASA InSight's Robotic Arm Helps Out its Mole on Mars (filmpje).
NASA Pocast Silicon Valley Live: Is There Life on Mars?
Express UK: Life on Mars: Scientist suggests sending microbes to the Red Planet to terraform Mars.

ABC News: Japan spacecraft releases rover to asteroid in last mission.
SpaceCom: Japan's Hayabusa2 Probe Drops Its Last Rover on Asteroid Ryugu.

The Planetary Society: NASA to Build New Asteroid-Hunting Space Telescope.
Ars Technica: It looks like NASA is getting serious about finding hazardous asteroids.
Spaceflight Now: NASA to proceed with asteroid surveillance mission
SpaceCom: Centaurs Rising: NASA Eyes Missions to Weird Asteroid-Comet Hybrids.

Wetenschappelijke satellieten.
NASA: WFIRST Space Telescope Fitted for 'Starglasses'.

NASA: NASA’s Webb to Unlock the Mysteries of Comets and the Early Solar System.
JWST: Webb Mirror Coating B-roll Footage (filmpje).
JWST: Time-lapse: Webb Telescope Element Folded and Prepped for Shipping to NASA Johnson (filmpje). 
JWST: Timelapse: Webb Telescope Unloaded from STTARS at NASA's Johnson Space Center (filmpje).
JWST: B-roll Footage of James Webb Space Telescope's Move to NASA's Johnson Space Center (filmpje).

NASA: NASA’s TESS Mission Spots Its 1st Star-shredding Black Hole.
NASA: TESS Catches its First Star-destroying Black Hole (filmpje).

België en ruimtevaart.
SpaceBel: SPACEBEL Contributing to EUCLID, ESA’s Dark Universe Mission.

Ruimtevaartnieuws uit Groot-Brittannië.
Express UK: UK Space Conference 2019: Brexit, spaceports and Galileo rival on the agenda.
Express UK: Britain will have ROCKETS blasting off from Cornwall, Scotland, and Wales by 2030.
Express UK: UK space sector will 'get on with it' and thrive post-Brexit... Galileo or not – expert.
Parabolic Arc: Opposition to Spaceport Cornwall Plan.
CNN Travel: Hypersonic 'space plane' promises four-hour London to Sydney flights by 2030s.

Gov.UK: UK Space Conference.
Gov UK: UK and Australian Space Agencies agree to step up cooperation, with the intention to develop a world-first ‘Space Bridge’.
Gov UK: £1.5m boost for space innovation.
Gov UK: Defence Secretary announces boost for multi-billion-pound SKYNET 6 programme.
Gov UK: Tim Peake welcomes new UK Space Agency scheme to reach 1 million children a year.

Mail Online: UK Space Agency starts hunt for Britain's next astronaut in first recruitment drive in a decade.
Parabolic Arc: Reaction Engines to Support Research into UK Spaceport Feasibility.

Overlijden van ruimtevaarders Sigmund Jähn en Gennadi Manakov.
ESA: ESA mourns passing of first German cosmonaut.
Collect Space: Sigmund Jähn, first German cosmonaut to fly in space, dies at 82.
ABC News: Sigmund Jaehn,1st German in space as 1970s cosmonaut, dies.

Collect Space: Gennadi Manakov, cosmonaut who led two missions to Mir, dies at 69.
TASS: Russian cosmonaut Gennady Manakov dies at the age of 69, tweets fellow cosmonaut.

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