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The VVS meteor beacon at AstroLAB

The VVS meteor beacon is located at AstroLAB II (astrolabe.be), 50.82 N 2.91 E. It saw first ‘light’ on April 16, 2005 and has been almost uninterrupted in the air since then.

It consists of a crossed dipole, Left handed circularly polarized,  upward beaming, with effective power of 25 W in each plane, carrier, no modulation, frequency 49.990 MHz. It has official call OT1KZG.

It should not be confused with the BRAMS beacon at Dourbes operating at 49.970 MHz, see https://brams.aeronomie.be/


Chris Steyaert  <steyaert@vvs.be>

  November 2023