De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Jaaroverzicht der jaaroverzichten - 2022

Het traditionele jaaroverzicht der jaaroverzichten. Met een terugblik op 2022 en een vooruitblik op 2023.
Dit artikel werd geplaatst op 1 januari. Over enkele dagen volgt nog een update met later verschenen overzichten.
Artikels met (*) werden toegevoegd op 7.01.2023


Terugblik op 2022. 

Een apart hoofdstukje voor James Webb Space Telescope.
SpaceCom: 12 amazing James Webb Space Telescope discoveries of 2022.
Science Tech Daily: 10 Times This Year the Webb Telescope Blew Astronomers Away With Stunning New Images of Our Universe.
Japan Today: Webb telescope promises new age of the stars.
Insider: 20 jaw-dropping images from NASA's powerful new James Webb Space Telescope.
The Verge: 2022: a space yearbook.

Science Magazine: 2022 Breakthrough of the Year: JWST's golden eye sees the universe anew.
ESA: Webb top 5 images one year after launch #shorts.

Space News: The Rest of 2022’s Notable Nine.
Science News: The James Webb Space Telescope wasn’t the only big space news in 2022.
SpaceCom: The best spaceflight stories of 2022 brought us across the solar system.
CNN: 2022’s extraordinary cosmic revelations and moments in space exploration.
NBC: The year in space: Why 2022 was a pivotal year for exploration and discovery.
CNBC: Investing in Space: A year to forget for space stocks.
SpaceCom: The 12 biggest rocket failures of 2022 show why spaceflight is still hard.
CGTN: Out of this world! Space exploration flourishes for both China and Europe in 2022.
Geek Wire: From Artemis to Webb, take a look back — and a look ahead — at the year’s top trends in aerospace.
Via Satellite: 2022: An Eventful Year in Satcom.
Via Satellite: Via Satellite’s Top News Stories of 2022.
Via Satellite: Via Satellite’s Essential Interviews of 2022.
Via Satellite: 10 Smallsat Startups to Watch.
Via Satellite: The 10 Hottest Satellite Companies in 2022.
OpenPr: Satellite Manufacturing And Launch Systems Market 2022 by Top Key Players, Types, Applications and Future Forecast to 2030.
Parabolic Arc: U.S. & Dominated Launch Industry in 2022, Russia Finishes a Distant Third.
(*) VRTNWS: We hebben weer iets meer ufo's gespot in 2022, maar recordaantal meldingen van 2020 bleef veraf.
(*) BusinessWire: Small Satellite Global Market Report 2022: Rising Production of Smallsats for Beyond LEO Orbit Launches Presents Opportunities -

Algemeen – Filmpjes.
SciShow: This Year in Space News (That Isn't JWST).
EuroNews: 2022 in space: Moon missions, smashing asteroids, and peering into the cosmos.
CGTN: Yearender 2022: Space exploration.
NasaSpaceFlight: 2022: Breaking Records in Spaceflight - Starship, Artemis, Falcon Heavy, Starliner!

NasaSpaceFlight: New spacecraft, new firsts, new hardware – International Space Station wraps up a busy and historic 2022.
NASA: NASA’s Big 2022: Historic Moon Mission, Webb Telescope Images, More.
NASA Stennis: NASA’s Stennis Space Center Completes Year of Testing and Site Activity.
NASA: Calling Long-Distance: 10 Stellar Moments in 2022 for Space Communications and Navigation. 
(*)  Ars Technica: Top US launch companies of 2022 - The Ars Technica power ranking.

NASA: An Astronomical and Historic 2022 – What We Did This Year @ NASA – December 23, 2022.
NASA Johnson: JSC Year in Review 2022.
NASA Armstrong: NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center 2022 Highlights.
ULA: ULA 2022 Launch Highlights.
Click Orlando: Record-breaking year for rocket launches from Brevard County.

SpaceQ: Top Canadian Space Stories of 2022.

Global Times: China sets space mission record in 2022 with over 50 rocket launches, 100% success rate.
CGTN America: The Heat: 2022 - A Year in Space Exploration (filmpje).
Dongfang Hour: Was 2022 a Good Year for Chinese Space? (filmpje).
New China TV: GLOBALink | China's manned space program: Year in Review.

ESA: ESA Highlights 2022.
Het bijbehorende filmpje vind je hier.

EUSPA: Countdown to a New Year of EU Space.
(*) European Spaceflight: Top European Launch Companies of 2022 - The European Spaceflight Power Ranking.

Money Control: Idia’s space tech ecosystem soars to new heights in 2022, expects over $300 milljon in investment in 2023.

Parabolic Arc: Russia’s 2022 Launch Total Reduced by Ruptured Relations with West Over Ukraine.
Parabolic Arc: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Dmitrys: Russian Space Industry Ends 2022 in Isolation.
OilPrice: Russia Ramped Up Military Satellite Launches In 2022.

De mooiste foto’s uit 2022.
ESA: Year in images 2022.
NASA: Best Space Station Science Images of 2022.
NESDIS: The Top Satellite Images from 2022.
Gizmodo: The Best Spaceflight Images of 2022.
Gizmodo: The Coolest Space Images of 2022.
Geospatial World: 2022: A Year in Review Through Satellite Imageries.
Live Science: The 10 most jaw-dropping space images of 2022.

Ook dat nog:
Via Satellite: Spotify Wrapped in Space: The Satellite Industry’s 2022 Playlist.

Vooruitblik op 2023.

Spacepage: Wat brengt 2023 ons op vlak van ruimtevaart?
Werkgroep Maan en Planeten (NL): Ruimtevaart in 2023 – Deel 1: Het zonnestelsel.
Werkgroep Maan en Planeten (NL): Ruimtevaart in 2023 – Deel 2: bemand, nieuwe raketten en telescopen.
MIT: What’s next in space.

DotLA: Space Industry in 2023.
PsychOrg: Five space exploration missions to look out for in 2023.
(*) EuroNews: 2023 in space: What giant leaps in exploration will mankind make this year?
(*) Sky & Telescope: Space Missions to watch in 2023.
(*) SciShow: What's Going to Space in 2023? (filmpje).

(*) Parabolic Arc: Space 2023: Commercial Missions to ISS, Private Spacewalk & Suborbital Tourism Flights.
(*) Parabolic Arc: Space 2023: Major Test of NASA’s Commercial Moon Program as Armada of Landers Head for Lunar Surface.
(*) Parabolic Arc: Space 2023: SpaceX’s Starship Leads List of Two Dozen New Launchers That Could Fly This Year.
(*) Parabolic Arc: Space 2023: NASA’s Two Asteroid Missions, ESA’s Jupiter Mission & Multiple Space Telescopes on the Manifest.

ESA: Hoogtepunten van ESA in 2023.
NASA: NASA in 2023: A Look Ahead (filmpje).
EUSPA: EUSPA Countdown to 2023 (filmpje).

NasaSpaceFlight: Russian space program facing challenges ahead of ambitious 2023.

NasaSpaceFlight: China to launch new station modules and collaborate with Europe on science missions in 2023.
Tech Times: Japan’s Space One Will Conduct Its Maiden Rocket Launch in February 2023.

Via Satellite: Top Launches to Watch in 2023.
TASS: First launch from Baikonur in 2023 scheduled for February.
(*) Spaceflight Now: Military officials forecast 87 launches from Florida’s Space Coast in 2023.
(*) Ars Technica: After doubling launch record in 2022, can SpaceX take another step up in 2023?
(*) ECNS: Space contractors release China's annual launch plan.

BBC: The countries launching missions to the Moon and beyond in 2023.

TechCircle: 5 Indian space startups to watch in 2023.
The Economic Times: ISRO lines up science missions for 2023; satellite launch market set for rocket-themed game of thrones.

Collect Space: New year, new space stuff: A look ahead at 2023 in space memorabilia.

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