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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2022/00–580

Het traditionele jaaroverzicht der jaaroverzicht. Met eerst een terugblik op 2021, gevolgd door een vooruitblik op 2022 :-)
(*) Artikels toegevoegd op 8.01.2022

Het jaar 2021 voor de Amerikaanse ruimtevaart. 
NASA: NASA’s 2021 Included Mars Landing, First Flight, Artemis, More.
NASA: NASA Armstrong 2021 Milestones.
NASA Ames: 2021 in Review: Highlights from NASA in Silicon Valley.
NASA Stennis: ‘Perseverance’ Perfectly Summarizes 2021 at Stennis Space Center.

NSS: 2021 SpaceX Roundup: Best Year Yet.
NSS: 2021 Rocket Lab Roundup: Still #1 in Venture Class Launchers.
NSS: 2021 Small Launcher Roundup: Virgin Orbit and Astra Space.
NSS: Space Development Milestones 2021: Space Tourism Gets Real.
NSS: Space Development Milestones 2021: Planetary Probes. (*)

NasaSpaceFlight: The International Space Station Wraps Up a Busy 2021.

The Science Times: Space Tourism 2021: Here Are The Fascinating Spaceflight Missions From Virgin Galactic, Blue Origins and SpaceX This Year.
SpaceCom: Space tourism took a giant leap in 2021: Here's 10 milestones from the year.
Geek Wire: Year in Space: Jeff Bezos and his billionaire rivals finally usher in the age of commercial spaceflight.

SpaceCom: SpaceX in 2021: Elon Musk's space company set records for reusability and more.
NasaSpaceFlight: SpaceX continues to break reuse records and reach new milestones in 2021.
Tesmanian: Let's Look Back At SpaceX's Most Historic Moments of 2021!
Teslarati: SpaceX closes out 2021 with $1.85 billion in new funding.

NASA: Biggest Moments on Mars: NASA's Perseverance Rover 2021 Year in Review.
SpaceCom: 2021 was an epic year for Mars exploration.
NASA: 2021 Disasters: A Look Back.

NASA: We Did Some Amazing Things This Year @ NASA – December 21, 2021.
NASA Armstrong: NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center 2021.
NASA Johnson: JSC Year in Review 2021.
NASA Glenn: NASA Glenn Research Center | Year in Review 2021.

NASA: 2021 International Space Station Year In Review - December 22, 2021.
NASA: Best Space Station Science Pictures of 2021.

ULA: ULA 2021 Launch Highlights.
Primal Space: Why SpaceX Stopped Launching In 2021.
NasaSpaceFlight: Why Starship Did Not Reach Orbit in 2021 | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: NSF Live: When will Starship and SLS launch? Recapping 2021 and looking ahead to 2022.
JHU APL: Johns Hopkins APL in 2021.

NASA: NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Milestones - 2021 Year in Review.

Het jaar 2021 voor de Europese ruimtevaart. 
ESA: ESA Highlights in 2021.
EUSPA: 2021: A year of transformation for #EUSpace.

Thales Alenia Space: A Year of major successes for Thales Alenia Space in space exploration, observation, navigation and connectivity via satellite.  (*)
Airbus: 2021: another busy year for space.  (*)

ESA: ESA Highlights 2021.

Het jaar 2021 voor de Russische ruimtevaart. 
TASS: Russia’s Roscosmos delivers 340 satellites into orbit in 2021.

Roscosmos TV: Roscosmos state corporation. The main events in 2021.

Het jaar 2021 voor de Chinese ruimtevaart. 
The Science Times: China Launched 55 Flights to Tiangong Space Station in 2021; Signs New 5-Year Cooperation Program With Russia.
Space News: China aims to complete space station in another huge year in space.
Dongfang Hour: 2021 in Chinese Space: The Highlights (Part 1). (*)

CGTN: 2021: The Year in Space.
CGTN: Highlights of China's space missions in 2021.
CGTN: Reporter's review of China's 2021 space achievements.  (*)
ECNS: Memorable moments of China's space exploration in 2021 (foto’s).
Dongfang Hour: Top 8 Highlights & Trends of Chinese Space in 2021.

2021 – Nog wat andere jaaroverzichten.
Via Satellite: The Satellite Industry’s 10 Most Impactful Events of 2021.
Via Satellite: Global Satellite Operators Say 2021 Exceeded Expectations Despite Uncertainties.

SpaceCom: The biggest launch failures (and recoveries) of 2021.

Via Satellite: Via Satellite’s Top Stories of 2021.
SpaceCom: The 10 biggest space science stories of 2021.
SpaceCom: Top 10 spaceflight stories of 2021.

Breaking Defense: For national security space, running to stand still: 2021 In Review.

PhysOrg: 2021: A year of space tourism, flights on Mars, China's rise.

EuroNews: These were 2021’s most exciting stories in an extraordinary year for space exploration.

India Today: Year 2021: Rewind from space (satellietbeelden om een aantal belangrijke events van het voorbije jaar te tonen).
New China TV (filmpje): GLOBALink | Satellite photos of the year: 2021, World in struggling.

EuroConsult: Government space budgets driven by space exploration and militarization hit record $92 billion investment in 2021 despite covid, with $1 trillion forecast over the decade. (*)

Space News: India’s space program looks to bounce back. (*)

NASA Earth Observatory: Earth in 2021.
TMRO: 2021 in Spaceflight | TMRO.
Everyday Astronaut: Best Space Moments of 2021!!! (*)

Een vooruitblik naar ruimtevaartjaar 2022.
Via Satellite: Major Launchers Preview Market Changes With New Vehicles for 2022.
Via Satellite: The LEO Satellite Broadband Market Outlook for 2022.

Teslarati: SpaceX’s packed 2022 launch manifest ready to blow 2021 out of the water.

Forbes: 5 Space Tourism Experiences You Can Book In 2022.
Axios: Private space companies' 2022 promises to keep

Ars Technica: With further delays to BE-4 rocket engine, Vulcan may not make 2022 debut.
Space News: New launch vehicles face schedule pressure.
NasaSpaceFlight: Vulcan continues path to its maiden launch as ULA turns 15.

Spacepage: Wat brengt 2022 op vlak van ruimtevaart?
Sky & Telescope: Spaceflight 2022: Missions To Watch in the Coming Year.
SpaceCom: These are the space missions to watch in 2022.
RoomEU: Space missions to watch out for in 2022.

TASS: Russian space launch operator to conduct over 10 rocket launches next year.

Space News: Arianespace looks to transitions of vehicles and business in 2022. (*)

Politico: ‘We’re falling behind’: 2022 seen as a pivotal lap in the space race with China.
Inside Outer Space: China Space Station: What’s Up for 2022?
Space News: China aims to complete space station in another huge year in space. (*)

C|NET: In 2022, the new space race will get more heated, crowded and dangerous.
Space News: Space SPACs look to rebound in 2022.
SatNews: Satellite Propulsion System Market To Reach Billion$$ By 2026.

NasaSpaceFlight: After a year filled with new missions and discoveries, Mars and its robots look ahead to 2022.

NASA: NASA 2022: The Future is Now.
NASA: Tour 2022: NASA's Upcoming Earth Missions.
AGU: #AGU21 Press Briefing: NASA’s 2022 Earth Science Launches.
SciShow Space: The Most Awaited Space Missions of 2022 | SciShow News.
CGTN: Race to the cosmos continues in 2022. (*)

En om het nieuwe jaar goed in te zetten.
Collect Space: Whisky bottled for 2022 moon milestones: Artemis I and Apollo 17

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