De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2023/04–637

SpaceX en Starship staan een stap dichter bij die eerste orbitale lancering. En dat na een geslaagde Wet Dress Rehearsel. In Brussel had de European Space Conference plaats. Dus heel wat berichten over ruimtevaart in Europa. Dat en nog veel meer in het Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart van deze week.

Bij de foto: Een “sfeerbeeldje” van het volgetankte Starship. Foto: SpaceX.

RocketLab lanceert Electron voor het eerst vanuit de US.
RocketLab: Rocket Lab Successfully Launches First Electron Mission from U.S. Soil.
NASA: New NASA Safety System Enables Rocket Lab Launch From Wallops.

De persmap vind je hier (PDF).

UPI: NASA delays Rocket Lab launch in Virginia until Tuesday.
Ars Technica: Rocket Lab set to try its first US-based launch again.
Spaceflight Now: Another countdown begins for Rocket Lab’s first launch from Virginia.
Spaceflight Now: Rocket Lab primed for busy year after first launch from Virginia.
NasaSpaceFlight: Rocket Lab conducts first Electron launch from American soil.
Space News: Rocket Lab launches first Electron from Virginia.
Ars Technica: Rocket Lab’s first US launch: Big for the company and the site.

Rocket Lab: Rocket Lab Debut Launch from LC-2 - 'Virginia Is For Launch Lovers'.

Japan lanceert H-IIA met een radarsatelliet.
NasaSpaceFlight: Japan begins busy year with classified IGS-Radar 7 launch.
SpaceCom: Japanese rocket launches radar spy satellite.
The Hindu: Japan launches intel satellite to watch North Korea, disasters.

SciNews: H-IIA launches IGS Radar-7.

SpaceX lanceert zwaarste lading Starlink-satellieten ooit.
NasaSpaceFlight: SpaceX launches Starlink Group 5-2 mission from Florida.
Spaceflight Now: SpaceX launches heaviest payload on Falcon 9 rocket.
Tesmanian: SpaceX Falcon 9 launches the heaviest Starlink mission ever flown at over 17.4 metric tons.

SpaceX: Starlink Mission.

India gaat weldra herbruikbaar ruimtetuig testen.
India Today: Isro to test landing of its Reusable Launch Vehicle: All you need to know.

Vulcan en Peregrine (maanlander).
SpaceCom: United Launch Alliance's 1st Vulcan Centaur rocket arrives in Florida for debut flight.

Space News: Astrobotic completes Peregrine testing.

Commercial Crew – Starliner.
SpaceCom: Boeing's Starliner crew capsule channels R2-D2 ahead of astronaut test flight.

ISS – Lek Soyuz  MS-22 / Soyuz MS-23.
TASS: Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft checked for leaks — Energia corporation.
TASS: Crewless Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft to launch to orbital outpost on Feb. 20 — Roscosmos.

SpaceCom: SpaceX Crew Dragon may get a shield upgrade after Soyuz spacecraft leak.

ISS – Crew 6.
NASA: Briefings, Interviews Set for NASA’s SpaceX Crew-6 Mission.
Tesmanian: NASA sets date for SpaceX's next Astronaut voyage to the Space Station.

NASA: Expedition 68 NASA’s SpaceX Crew-6 Leaders Discuss Mission - Jan. 25, 2023.
NASA: Expedition 68 NASA’s SpaceX Crew-6 Astronauts Answer Media Questions - Jan. 25, 2023.
MBRSC: Sultan and Hazzaa's Training at JAXA.

ISS – Axiom 2.
Tesmanian: NASA approves Axiom's second private astronaut mission to the Space Station to be launched by SpaceX.

Axiom: Meet Peggy Whitson, Ax-2 Commander.
Axiom: Meet John Shoffner, AX 2 Pilot.

ISS – De blogentries, Daily Summary Reports en Science Highlights.
NASA ISS Blog: Crew Kicks off Week With Bone Research, Physics Studies.
NASA ISS Blog: Crew Studies Bone Growth, Space Physics and Works Eye Exams.
NASA ISS Blog: Bone Healing Study Continues as SpaceX Crew-6 Mission Approaches.
NASA ISS Blog: Crew Preps for Next Spacewalk, Explores Space Biology and Physics.
NASA ISS Blog: Muscle Scans, Bone Study Cleanup as Next Spacewalk Nears.

NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 20/01/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 23/01/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 24/01/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 25/01/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 26/01/2023.

Space Station Science Highlights: Space Station Science Highlights: Week of January 23, 2023.

ISS – Meer nieuws uit het ruimtestation.
Space News: NASA still working on long-term plans for ISS seat barters.
TASS: NASA plans for further cross flights with Russia — ISS Program Manager.

SpaceRef: Space Station Experiments To Unlock How Human Bodies React To Long Space Journeys.
SpaceRef: Research Into Human Hibernation For Long Distance Spaceflight.

NASA: Space to Ground: Crew-6: 01/27/2023.
NASA: Astronaut Nicole Mann Answers Flathead Reservation, Lake County Student Questions Jan. 26, 2023.

ISS, Axiom Space en Tom Cruise.
Tesmanian: SpaceX will launch Tom Cruise to film a movie at the Space Station, Space Entertainment Enterprise selects Axiom to build the studio module.

ESA/CSS – Geen Europeanen naar Chinese ruimtestation.
Space News: ESA is no longer planning to send astronauts to China’s Tiangong space station.

CSS – Nieuws uit het Chinese ruimtestation.
SpaceCom: Astronauts ring in Chinese New Year on Tiangong space station.

CCTV: Astronauts Aboard China's Space Station Enjoy Festive Customs, Atmosphere of Chinese New Year.
China Space Log: Stunning view of Earth from Tiangong Space Station.(2023.1.26).
Donfang Hour: Why are Chinese Astronauts Called "Taikonauts"?

Over het nieuwe Russische ruimtestation.
TASS: Russia to set up national orbital outpost in 2027 — Roscosmos.
Inside Outer Space: Russia Presses Forward on Own Orbital Station.

DRACO – Een nucleaire motor voor NASA & DARPA?
NASA: NASA, DARPA Will Test Nuclear Engine for Future Mars Missions.

Space News: NASA and DARPA to partner on nuclear thermal propulsion demonstration.
Aerospace America: NASA, DARPA join forces to create and test nuclear rocket for Mars journey.
Space Policy Online: NASA, DARPA plan nuclear thermal propulsion demo in 2027.

Spacepage: NASA en DARPA gaan nucleaire motor testen voor toekomstige Marsmissies.

NASA Watch: NASA Punts Over SLS With A Nuclear Rocket Solution For The Journey To Mars.

Artemis – Naar de Maan. En Mars.
NASA Artemis Blog: Data from SLS Flight Prepares NASA for Future Artemis Missions.

Smithsonian: How NASA Is Selecting the Next Astronauts to Walk on the Moon.

ESA: Orion's European Service Module for Artemis: propulsion overview.

Nature: What time is it on the Moon?
NASA – Houston we have a podcast: Mars Ep. 4: Deep Space Transport.
Tesmanian: SpaceX's Starship will enable humanity to build a permanent base on the Moon.

SpaceCom: What are the Artemis Accords?

NASA: Is There Weather on the Moon? We Asked a NASA Scientist.

SpaceX – Starship – Geslaagde Wet Dress Rehearsal.
Ars Technica: SpaceX may perform a wet dress rehearsal of its Starship launch system today.
Ars Technica: SpaceX completes fueling test, will now work toward massive engine firing test.
SpaceCom: SpaceX fuels up fully stacked Starship vehicle for 1st time ever.
Tesmanian: SpaceX is a step closer to launching Starship to orbit after engineers perform a Wet Dress Rehearsal.
Space News: SpaceX completes Starship wet dress rehearsal.
SpacCom: SpaceX destacks Starship to prep for epic 33-engine test fire (photos).
Teslarati: SpaceX sets stage for Starship booster’s first 33-engine static fire.
SpaceX: SpaceX preparing for Super Heavy static-fire test.

NasaSpaceFlight: 1000 TESTS! No Brakes at SpaceX McGregor.
Lab Padre: Booster 7 and 8 Swap Parts? - Starbase Weekly Update #46.
NasaSpaceFlight: Starship's Road To Orbit - SpaceX Prepares!
NasaSpaceFlight: SpaceX Performs Starship Wet Dress Rehearsal.
Cosmic Perspective: Starship is FULLY fueled for the first time!
Video from Space: See SpaceX's massive Starship rocket during wet dress rehearsal in aerial view.
NasaSpaceFlight: First Ever Starship Full Stack Wet Dress Rehearsal Test | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: Finally! SpaceX Ships Starship Deluge System to Texas.
NasaSpaceFlight: Ship 24 on the move at Starbase! #shorts.
What About It?: How Did SpaceX Starship Do During The BIGGEST Test Yet? - Largest Rocket Ignition In History Next!
NasaSpaceFlight: Ship 24 takes The Long Walk to ... Will it be back?#shorts.
NasaSpaceFlight: Starship 24 Destacked and Rolled Back for Final Launch Preparations | SpaceX Boca Chica.

SpaceX, Intuitive Machines (IM-2 – Nova C – Maanlander) en het exploiteren van planetoïden (AstroForge – Brokkr 2).
Teslarati: SpaceX to launch asteroid mining spacecraft alongside private Moon lander.
Tesmanian: SpaceX will launch Intuitive Machines' Lunar Lander, AstroForge’s asteroid-mining spacecraft will hitch-a-ride.
The Register: Space mining startup prepping to launch 'demo' refinery... this April.

China en de (onbemande) maanverkenning.
SpaceCom: China's Yutu 2 rover still going strong after 4 years on the moon's far side.
CGTN (filmpje): China's Yutu-2 lunar rover generates 940 GB of scientific data.
CCTV (filmpje): China's Lunar Rover Yutu-2 Releases over 940.1 Gigabytes of Scientific Data.

CCTV (filmpje): China to Launch More Lunar Rovers in Next Few Years: Deputy Chief Designer.
Inside Outer Space: China Blueprints Robotic Moon Landing Goals.
SpaceCom: China working on new moon rover for 2026 mission to lunar south pole.

Nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

The Hindu: India’s first mission to study the Sun will be launched by June-July: ISRO chairman.

SpaceRef: Origin And evolution Of Mercury’s Circumsolar Dust Ring.

SpaceRef: BepiColombo and Solar Orbiter Compare Notes at Venus.

ESA: Sentinel-2 captures Antarctica’s new iceberg.
ESA: Giant iceberg breaks away from Antarctic ice shelf.
ESA (filmpje): Radar images capture new Antarctic mega-iceberg.
ESA (filmpje): Iceberg larger than London breaks off Brunt.
PhysOrg: Satellite data shows sustained severe drought in Europe.

NASA Ames: The Lunar Lab and Regolith Testbeds.

NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sol 3721: Wrapping up at the Encanto Drill Site.
NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3723-3724: Aiming for the Triple Junction.
Inside Outer Space: Curiosity Mars Rover: “Old College Try” – Coming Up Short on New Drilling.
NASA: A Lap Around the Sun: Perseverance Celebrates One Martian Year at Jezero.
SpaceCom: Perseverance Mars rover files 1st detailed weather report.
Inside Outer Space: Wicked Winds of Mars: Damage to NASA Rover.
NASA Ingenuity: Flight 41 Preview – By the Numbers.
Inside Outer Space: Up and Going! Mars Helicopter’s Flight 41 Images.
ESA (filmpje): The Sample Transfer Arm – A helping hand for Mars.
UAHiRISE (filmpje): HiRISE (NASA): A Bear on Mars?
UAHiRISE (filmpje): HiRISE (NASA): A New Impact Event.

ESA (filmpje): Juice launch (artist impression).
SpaceCom: Europe's JUICE mission to Jupiter's moons preparing for April 14 launch.

NasaSpaceFlight: Arriving at Titan: How Dragonfly’s Entry, Descent, and Landing will differ from Mars missions.
Scott Manley (filmpje): This Amazing View Of Saturn Is Impossible.

Trojanen en Lucy:
Space News: NASA suspends efforts to fully deploy Lucy solar array.
Space News: NASA adds asteroid flyby to Lucy mission.
NASA: NASA’s Lucy Team Announces New Asteroid Target.

SpaceCom: NASA to launch Psyche asteroid probe in October 2023 after delays.

Janus naar Apophis e.a.
Space News: Janus considering alternative missions after losing original ride.
SpaceCom: Grounded spacecraft look for new space rocks to visit, including notorious asteroid Apophis.

NEO Surveyor:
SpaceCom: NEO Surveyor launch delayed despite funding boost.

Cosmos Magazine: Don’t look up, these asteroids might be too difficult to destroy. It’s not all bad news though.
AstroBlogs: ‘Puinhoop’-planetoïden lijken bijna onmogelijk te vernietigen.
SpaceCom: Rubble-pile asteroids are 'giant space cushions' that live forever.

JWST – Probleempje met NIRISS.
NASA JWST Blog: Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph Operations Update.
SpaceCom: James Webb Space Telescope suffers 2nd instrument glitch.
PhysOrg: Instrument on JWST has gone offline.

ESA/Brussel – European Space Conference.
Air & Cosmos: High-level space summit in Brussels.
ESA: How ESA works with the EU to advance European space.

Space News: Europe grappling with space access challenges.
Ars Technica: European launch chief insists there be no competition with Ariane rockets.

Spacewatch Global: The IRIS2 project and its key role for European sovereignty.
ESA: ESA to help develop secure quantum communications.
Via Satellite: Thales Alenia Space to Lead ESA Quantum Satcom Project.
Space News: Thales Alenia Space leading another ESA push to develop quantum comms.

EUSPA: Galileo High Accuracy Service goes live!
ESA: New Galileo service set to deliver 20 cm accuracy.

EUSPA: EU Space helps drive the green transformation.
Space News: ESA seeks global adoption of “zero debris” policy.

PhysOrg: European Commission to present space defence plan in March.

Spacewatch Global: Europe launches European space-oriented index.

Via Satellite: UK Space Agency to Invest $62M in Satcom Projects Through ESA’s ARTES Program .

ESA: ESA branded merchandise made easy.
Collect Space: ESA seeks more use of its logo, mission patches on merchandise.

ESA: ESA’s digital Historical Archives open online.
De digitale archieven vind je hier.

ESA: ESA DG’s annual press briefing 2023.

Over de nieuwe Belgische astronaut.
De Tijd: De eerste Waal op de Maan.

Ander Belgisch ruimtevaartnieuws.
De maanrover  van Space Application Services wordt momenteel samen met andere rovers op Lanzarotte aan allerhande tests onderworpen.
Zie bv deze tweet en deze tweet.

Spacebel: CNES and SPACEBEL Pursuing Their Strategic Partnership.
Spacebel: Remote Sensing Data Management.

En ja, er gaat een “stukje” België naar de Maan.
Groundstation: Belgium to the Moon.

Om af te ronden – A Day of Remembrance.
NASA (filmpje): NASA Remembers Fallen Heroes.
Collect Space: NASA 'Day of Remembrance' marks 20 years since Columbia tragedy.
Space Policy Online: Continued vigilance urged on 20th anniversary of Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy.
SpaceCom: NASA's fatal Challenger launch still echoes through the agency today.

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