De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2023/05–638

Met Apollo 1, Challenger en Columbia is de periode eind januari, begin februari een periode van herdenkingen en terugkijken. Op het einde van deze NUDR is het de beurt aan het ruimteveer Columbia. En dat in een week zonder echte uitschieters. Maar desondanks toch weer een mooi gevulde Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart.

Bij de foto: Een overbodig stukje hardware wordt door de robotarm van het ruimtestation overboord gezet. Het zal uiteindelijk in de atmosfeer opbranden. Foto: NASA.

SpaceX lanceert 49 Starlink-satellieten. ION SCV009 Eclectic Elena van D-Orbit breng vier satellieten in een hogere baan.
Parabolic Arc: SpaceX Postpones Vandenberg Launch Until Monday.
NasaSpaceFlight: SpaceX conducts cross-country Starlink doubleheader.
Spaceflight Now: Starlink satellites, Italian space tug launched by SpaceX rocket.

SpaceRef: D-Orbit Launches ION’s First Orbital Transportation Mission into a Mid-Inclination Orbit.
Tesmanian: SpaceX launches D-Orbit vehicle carrying StardustMe's human cremated ashes during Starlink Mission.
Teslarati: SpaceX launches 200th Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX: Starlink Mission.
SciNews: SpaceX Starlink 70 launch & Falcon 9 first stage landing, 31 January 2023.
New Scientist: Mystery blue spiral over Hawaiian skies blamed on SpaceX debris.

SpaceX lanceert nieuwe batch Starlink-satellieten.
Spaceflight Now: SpaceX launches 53 more Starlink internet satellites.
Teslarati: SpaceX Starlink Gen2 mission marks Falcon 9 rocket’s 200th successful launch.

SpaceX: Starlink Mission.
SciNews: SpaceX Starlink 71 launch & Falcon 9 first stage landing, 2 February 2023.

ISRO vindt de oorzaak voor de mislukte SSLV-lancering.
Space News: ISRO completes investigation into SSLV launch failure.
SpaceCom: 'Vibration disturbance' caused failure of new Indian rocket, ISRO says.

Vulcan – Wanneer een lancering?
Ar Technica: When will United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket fly?

Over de problemen met Virgin Orbit.
Gizmodo: Richard Branson’s Satellite Launch Company Isn't Doing So Hot.
Space News: Virgin Orbit raises $10 million as financial stopgap.

Ruimtetoerisme – Nieuws over New Shepard.
Ars Technica: After a failure 4 months ago, the New Shepard spacecraft remains in limbo.

The Science Times: Blue Origin Launches All-Woman Space Mission Led by Lauren Sanchez in 2024 With Support of Jeff Bezos.
Space Explored: Jeff Bezos is sending his girlfriend to space, no launch date set for first all-female mission.

Polaris Dawn.
SpaceCom: Polaris Dawn: The trailblazing commercial mission of the Polaris Program.
Polaris Program: Polaris Dawn crew complete AM-490 skydiving course at U.S. Air Force Academy, earning jump wings.

ISS – Crew 6.
PhysOrg: UAE 'Sultan of Space' grapples with Ramadan fast on ISS.

MBRSC: Introduction of the first Arab long-duration astronaut mission.
MBRSC: Interview with Emirati astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi.

ISS – Lek Soyuz  MS-22 / Soyuz MS-23.
SuperCluster: ”We’re not calling this a rescue Soyuz”..
TASS: Soyuz MS-22 spaceship with damaged radiator to return to Earth in March — Roscosmos.

ISS – De blogentries, Daily Summary Reports en Science Highlights.
NASA ISS Blog: Crew Gets Ready for Thursday Spacewalk, Keeps Up Space Research.
NASA ISS Blog: Crew Readies Spacewalk Tools While Continuing Advanced Science.
NASA ISS Blog: Station is GO for Thursday Spacewalk as Space Research Keeps Up.
NASA ISS Blog: NASA TV is Live as Astronauts Prep for Spacewalk to Continue Power System Upgrades.
NASA ISS Blog: Astronauts Begin Spacewalk to Continue Power System Upgrades.
NASA ISS Blog: Spacewalkers Complete Construction Job to Upgrade Station Power.
NASA ISS Blog: Spacewalkers Relax, Science Continues as Station Orbits Higher.

NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 27/01/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 30/01/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 31/01/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 01/02/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 02/02/2023.

Space Station Science Highlights: Space Station Science Highlights: Week of January 30, 2023.

ISS – Meer nieuws uit het ruimtestation.
TASS: Space station’s orbit to be adjusted ahead of Soyuz MS-23 crewless launch.
TASS: Space station’s orbit adjustment rescheduled for Feb. 3 for ballistic reasons — Roscosmos.
TASS: Russia’s Progress space freighter to undock from ISS on Feb. 18 to splash down in Pacific.
TASS: Space station’s orbit raised by 2.4 km ahead of Soyuz MS-22 capsule’s landing.

Spaceflight Now: Space station astronauts finish preps for next pair of new solar arrays.

SpaceRef: Spacemind Successfully Launches Three Italian Nanosatellites Into Orbit From The International Space Station.

Space News: NASA hits limits of space station utilization.

NASA: Space to Ground: Flame On: 02/03/2023.
NASA: Spacewalk with Astronauts Nicole Mann and Koichi Wakata at the Space Station (Feb. 2, 2023).
SciShow Space: We Don’t Know Why Astronauts Get Motion Sick.

ISS – Europa op zoek naar een eigen capsule (?)
Space News: European startup gets $44 million for space station transportation vehicles – Nyx.

Commerciële ruimtestations: Orbital Reef.
Sierra Space: Sierra Space Completes Third Successful Test of Inflatable Habitat Unit Designed for First Commercial Space Station.
SpaceCom: Kapow! Inflatable space station module blows to pieces in video explosion.

Sierra Space: Reasons to Believe | LIFE Habitat for Space Exploration.

Commerciële ruimtestations en NASA.
RoomEU: Private space stations and NASA’s effort to re-invent itself.

CSS – Nieuws uit het Chinese ruimtestation.

China Space Log: Shenzhou-15 taikonauts' first spacewalk is coming soon.(2023.1.30).
China Space Log: Shenzhou-15 crew takes you around TianGong Space Station.(2023.1.30).
China Space Log: New Space Journey: The China Space Station is waiting for your travel(Wu Yansheng).
CCTV: Shenzhou-15 Astronauts Go for Physical Workouts in Space.

Artemis 1.
SpaceCom: Artemis 1 moon rocket looks ready for astronaut missions, NASA says.

NASA: Orion spacecraft breaks records on Artemis I mission around the Moon.
NASA: NASA's Artemis I Rocket Launch from Launch Pad 39B Perimeter.
NasaSpaceFlight: NASA flight software for SLS navigates through clean first launch.

Artemis 2 – Mogelijke bemanning.
SpaceCom: NASA Artemis 2 moon-bound astronaut rumors name American, Canadian candidates: report
Collect Space: With moon crews to assign, Joe Acaba named new chief astronaut

Artemis – Naar de Maan. En Mars.
Space News: What future for the Space Launch System?
ESA: How to fly Orion: Thermal.

ESA: Turning astronauts into Moon explorers
Het filmpje vind je hier..

NASA: Could NASA’s Studies on Hibernating Squirrels Help Astronauts?

NASA: Houston, we have a podcast: Mars Ep. 5: Packing for Mars.

SpaceX – Starship – Uitkijken naar Static Fire Booster 7 met 33 Raptors.
Tesmanian: SpaceX may soon ignite Starship rocket's 33 Raptor engines –‘We still have a lot of work in front of us,’ says Official.
Teslarati: SpaceX installs rocket-catching arms on Starship’s Florida launch tower.
Teslarati: Elon Musk teases expendable version of SpaceX’s reusable Starship rocket.

NasaSpaceFlight: Raptor Engine Destroys Itself at SpaceX McGregor.
Lab Padre: Final Booster Testing Before Launch! - Starbase Weekly Update #47.
NasaSpaceFlight: 33 Raptor Engines! Soon? #shorts.
NasaSpaceFlight: Shorter? SpaceX installs Chopsticks for Starship in Florida.
NasaSpaceFlight: Ship 24 Prepared for Flight | SpaceX Boca Chica.
NasaSpaceFlight: Booster 7 Raptors Swapped for 33 Engine Static Fire.
What About It: SpaceX Is About To Ignite The Starship Booster! How LARGE are we talking?

Andere landingsplaats voor Peregrine.
Space News: NASA changes landing site for Peregrine lunar lander.
SpaceCom: Private Peregrine moon lander will now touch down near 'geologic enigma'.

Nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

SpaceCom: Holes in sun's atmosphere can help predict space weather on Earth.
SpaceCom: Miniature sun with simulated gravity could help prepare us for deadly solar storms.

Universe Today: Astronomers Come Closer to Understanding How Mercury Formed.

NASA (filmpje): Is Polar Ice Melting? We Asked a NASA Expert.
SpaceCom: New satellite to police carbon dioxide emitters from space.

ESA (filmpje): The Moon can be a toxic place  #shorts.
SciTechDaily: Researchers Uncover Origin and Abundance of Lunar Surface Water.
The Science Times: Where Does Moon Water Come From? Researchers Look Into Puzzling Mysteries About Lunar Surface Water Origins.

NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3725-3727: To Be a Meteorite or Not To Be a Meteorite – That Is the Question!
NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3278-3279: Making the Most of Limited Data.
NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3730-3731: Smoother and Brighter? – Until You Get Up Close!
Universe Today: Curiosity Finds Another Metal Meteorite on Mars.
NASA: NASA's Perseverance Rover Completes Mars Sample Depot.
SpaceCom: Perseverance Mars rover stashes final sample, completing Red Planet depot.
SpaceCom: Mars helicopter Ingenuity soars over Perseverance rover tracks on 41st flight.
NASA: Flight 42 Preview – By the Numbers.
PhysOrg: Long-delayed ExoMars mission still dreams of 2028 launch;
Universe Today: Mars Ingenuity Kicks up a Surprising Amount of Dust Every Time it Lands.

Gizmodo: NASA Team to Investigate Recurring Problem With Juno Orbiter Camera.
PhysOrg: NASA's Juno team assessing camera after 48th flyby of Jupiter.

SpaceCom:: Saturn's moon Mimas may be a 'stealth' ocean world.

Planetoïde 2023BU: 
BBC: Asteroid 2023 BU: Space rock passes closer than some satellites.

Universe Today: Don’t Bother Trying to Destroy Rubble Pile Asteroids.

Het exploiteren van planetoides:
Space News: Asteroid mining startup AstroForge to launch first missions this year.

JWST – Probleempje met NIRISS opgelost.
NASA JWST Blog: Webb’s NIRISS Returns to Full Operations.
Universe Today: Good News! Webb is Fully Operational Again.

Belgisch ruimtevaartnieuws.
Air & Cosmos: Aerospacelab sets up in France.

Een terugblik op de laatste vlucht van het ruimteveer Columbia.
Inside Outer Space: The Columbia Disaster: A Detective Story That Remains to be Told.

NASA APPEL: Critical Knowledge inSight: Communication Lessons from the Columbia Tragedy.
Scott Manley: Reconstructing The Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster - Learning Lessons From The Largest Crash Site.
Scott Manley: What Happened After Space Shuttle Columbia Lost Contact.

Om af te ronden – Onderscheiding voor Bob en Dough.
NASA: VP Awards Former NASA Astronauts Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

Teslarati: SpaceX’s first NASA astronauts to receive Space Medal of Honor for Dragon test flight.
Tesmanian: NASA Astronauts will receive a Congressional Space Medal of Honor for SpaceX mission that returned human spaceflight capabilities to the United States.

Collect Space: SpaceX crewmates Hurley, Behnken awarded Space Medal of Honor.
Ars Technica: Crew Dragon astronauts to receive rare space medal from the White House.
Space News: First commercial crew astronauts receive Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

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