De Werkgroep Ruimtevaart groepeert VVS-leden die zich interesseren in de ruimtevaart. Anderzijds proberen we op allerlei manieren over ruimtevaart te vertellen en te schrijven.

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Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart – Week 2023/42–671

Eén uitschieter deze week, en dat was de test van het ontsnappingssysteem voor de Indische Gaganyaan-capsule. Al lijkt dat het voorprogramma te zijn voor veel wildere plannen. Dat en nog veel meer in het Nieuws Uit De Ruimtevaart van deze week.

Bij de foto: De lancering verliep (uiteindelijk) perfect, de rest van de Gaganyaan Crew Escape Test ook. Foto: ISRO


15.10.2023 – Chinese LM 2D lanceert weersatelliet Yunhai-1 04.
China Daily: China launches rocket to send multirole satellite into orbit.
Space News: China launches new Yunhai remote sensing satellite.

SciNews: Long March-2D launches the Yunhai-1 04 satellite.


18.10.2023 – SpaceX lanceert Starlink-satellieten (CCSFS).
Teslarati: SpaceX successful in Starlink launch adding 22 satellites to orbit.
Tesmanian: SpaceX Launches 74th Mission of 2023, Deploys Starlink Satellites.

SpaceX: De lancering live via Twitter.
SciNews: SpaceX Starlink 114 launch and Falcon 9 first stage landing, 18 October 2023.


In verband met de SpaceX-uitbreiding van de Roberts Road faciliteiten.
Spaceflight Now: NASA takes next step on SpaceX's 100-acre expansion proposal at Kennedy Space Center.


21.10.2023 – SpaceX lanceert Starlink-satellieten (VSFB).
SpaceCom: SpaceX set to launch 21 Starlink satellites from California early Oct. 21.

SpaceX via Twitter (X): Live beelden lancering.
SciNews: SpaceX Starlink 115 launch and Falcon 9 first stage landing, 21 October 2023.


21.10.2023 – India test bemande capsule. Eigen ruimtestation in 2035. Naar de Maan in 2040.
Cosmos Magazine: India is about to launch a key test rocket for crewed flight.
Gizmodo: India Eyes a New Spaceflight Age as Gaganyaan Countdown Begins.
Space Policy Online: Test flight to kick off India’s human exploration plans, including a man on the Moon by 2040.
Space News: India sets 2040 target for crewed moon landing.
BBC: India aims to send astronaut to the Moon by 2040.

The Times Of India
: Gaganyaan manned space mission: Isro postpones test flight to 10AM.
The Times Of India: Gaganyaan human spaceflight mission: Isro tests in-flight abort, separation and recovery of crew module.
The Times Of India: Splashdown success: Gaganyaan crew escape module detaches, lands in sea.
The Times Of India: Gaganyaan mission: All you need to know about TV-D1 test flight’s successful launch.
The Times Of India: Kharge congratulates ISRO for successfully conducting test vehicle missioin ahead of human space flight programme.

Space News
: India tests launch escape system in step towards sending astronauts to orbit.
BBC: Gaganyaan: India launches test flight ahead of sending man into space.
Inside Outer Space: India Human Spaceflight Milestone Mission – In-flight Abort Test Demonstration.

ISRO: Gaganyaan TV-D1 Mission - Test flight from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota (1ste poging).
ISRO: Gaganyaan TV-D1 Mission - Test flight from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota.
ISRO: Gaganyaan TV-D1 Mission - Test flight from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota.
SciNews: Gaganyaan TV-D1 aborted launch.
SciNews: Gaganyaan TV-D1 - In-flight Abort Demonstration of Crew Escape System.


Blue Origin stelt OTV Blue Ring voor.
Space News: Blue Origin unveils plans for orbital transfer vehicle.
Universe Today: Blue Origin Reveals its Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle: Blue Ring.
Gizmodo: Blue Origin Announces Next-Gen Space Tug for In-Space Deliveries.

: Bezos' Blue Origin sees third executive departure amid restructuring.


Virgin Galactic vliegt opnieuw begin november.
Virgin Galactic: ‘Galactic 05’ research mission seet to become Virgin Galactic’s sixth flight in six months.
Meer details over de vlucht vind je hier.

Space News: Virgin Galactic to perform suborbital research flight in November.

Space Explored
: How many flights has Virgin Galactic flown in 2023?

Nog een filmpje:
Virgin Galactic: Virgin Galactic Suborbital Research.


Ariane VI – Belangrijke test opnieuw uitgesteld.
ESA: Ariane 6 joint update report, 19 October 2023.
Space News: Key Ariane 6 test rescheduled for November.
European Spaceflight: ESA Pushes Ahead with Ariane 6 Testing.


ISS – De blogentries, Daily Summary Reports
NASA ISS Blog: Spacewalk Dates Adjusted; Cargo Operations Begin the Crew’s Week
NASA ISS Blog: Research, Robotics, and Spacesuits Top Schedule as Spacewalk Times Adjusted
NASA ISS Blog: Health and Earth Studies, More Spacewalk Preps Continue on Station
NASA ISS Blog: More Space Health and Earth Science as Station Orbits Higher
NASA ISS Blog: Crew Continues Spacewalk Preps, Axiom Announces Ax-4 Launch Update

: ISS Daily Summary Report – 13/10/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 16/10/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 17/10/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 18/10/2023.
NASA: ISS Daily Summary Report – 19/10/2023.


ISS – Axiom 3.
Space News: Axiom Space refines training for next private astronaut mission.

Axiom Space: Meet Ax-3.


ISS – Meer nieuws uit het ruimtestation.
TASS: Russian cosmonauts' spacewalk due October 25 to last about 6.5 hours.
SpaceCom: NASA delays spacewalk a 2nd time due to leak on International Space Station.

: ISS Roundup: Expedition 70 underway, Rubio’s record stay in space, technical issues, upcoming EVAs.

Houston Chronicle
: Repeated Russian hardware issues at International Space Station concern industry experts.

: Muninn mission patch explained.

: Station Science 101: Microbiology.
NASA: Station Science 101: Growing Plants in Space.

: Why and How Do Astronauts Get Sick in Space?

: 'Astronaut archaeology' could improve space station design. Here's how.

: How astronauts could get it on if they really wanted to.

NASA: Space to Ground: A Variety of Science: Oct. 20, 2023.
NASA: U.S. Spacewalk 89 Animation.
NASA: U. S. Spacewalk 90 Animation.
NASA: Expedition 70 Space Station Crew Talks with Fox News Digital Originals, Yahoo News - Oct. 17, 2023.
ESA: How living in space can effect astronauts.


Shenzhou-17 – China bereidt aflossing bewoners CSS voor.
CGTN: China set to launch Shenzhou-17 spacecraft to its space station in October.
Spacc News: China rolls out rocket for Shenzhou-17 mission to Tiangong.

CCTV+: Shenzhou-17 Spacecraft, Carrier Rocket Transported to Launch Site.
CCTV+: A Review of the Transportation of Shenzhou-17 Spacecraft and Its Carrier Rocket to Launch Site.
CCTV+: Rocket Engineers Anticipate Successful Launch of Shenzhou-17 Crewed Spacecraft.
SciNews: Shenzhou-17 transported to the launch pad.


CSS – Meer nieuws uit het Chinese ruimtestation.

CCTV+: Tiangong TV|Keep Running! Working in the Front Line.
CCTV: Veteran Astronaut Shares Chinese Space Program Progress.
CCTV+: Veteran Astronaut Shares Chinese Space Program Progress.
CCTV+: China's Manned Space Program Achieves Major Milestones over past Two Decades.


Artemis 2/3 – Nieuws.
SpaceCom: Welding issues stall Artemis 3 moon rocket's assembly, but 2024 mission still on track: report.

: First Artemis Crew Trains for Mission Around Moon.
AmericaSpace: Leading the Way to the Moon: An Interview with Artemis II Commander Reid Wiseman (Part 1).
America Space: Leading the Way to the Moon: An Interview with Artemis II Commander Reid Wiseman (Part 2).


Artemis – Naar de Maan en Mars.
NASA: NASA Conducts 1st Hot Fire of New RS-25 Certification Test Series.
SpaceCom: NASA tests new kind of Artemis moon-rocket engine in dramatic 'hot fire' test (video).

: NASA's Artemis moon astronauts may wear electric field spacesuits to fight pesky lunar dust.

Ars Technica
: Why NASA’s return to the Moon will likely succeed this time.

SciNews: SLS RS-25 Engine Test, 17 October 2023.


ILRS – China naar de Maan.
NSF: Twenty years after first crewed mission, China looks to lofty goals.

Space News
: Pakistan becomes latest country to join China’s ILRS moon project.


SpaceX, Starship en de FAA.
Ars Technica: Citing slow Starship reviews, SpaceX urges FAA to double licensing staff.
Space Policy Online: SpaceX warns government regulations slowing Starship, could let China get ahead.
Spaceflight Now: Commercial space companies say cut red tape or U.S. will lose its lead in spaceflight.
Space News: SpaceX frustrated by Starship licensing delays.
Tesmanian: SpaceX Representative speaks to U.S. Senate to Urge FAA to Expedite Starship Launch License Amidst Delays.


Starship – Wachten op lancering B9 en S25.
NSF: SpaceX gearing up for a possible WDR as it waits for regulatory approval.
SpaceCom: SpaceX stacks Starship to gear up for launch rehearsal (photos).
Super Cluster: A new and improved Starship Super Heavy is ready for flight.
SpaceCom: SpaceX fires up Starship prototype in deorbit burn test (video).

NSF: Ship 25 Ready for Restacking on Booster 9 | SpaceX Boca Chica.
LabPadre: When Will SpaceX Finish With Repairs After Starship's Mishap? - Starbase Weekly Update #84.
NSF: Full Stack Testing This Week? | SpaceX Starbase Update.
WAI: SpaceX Starship: Campaign Speeds Up!
LabPadre: Super Heavy 25-9 Stacked And Preparing For Launch Rehearsal Live With Chief – 2023-10-17.
NSF: Starship Stacked and then Destacked | SpaceX Boca Chica.
LabPadre: SpaceX Doesn't Stop Building! - LabPadre's Starbase Photo Review [Oct 11th – 17th].
NSF: SpaceX Tests Starship Prototype Ship 26.
WAI: SpaceX Starship Tests Continue: It's Action Time!
NSF: SpaceX Ship 26 Static Fire.


Lucy vlieg planetoïde Dinkinesh voorbij op 1 november.
NASA: NASA’s Lucy Spacecraft Continues Approach to Asteroid Dinkinesh.
SpaceCom: NASA's Lucy probe will fly by a 'dinky' asteroid on Nov. 1. Here's what to expect (video).

NASA: NASA's Lucy Mission Flyby of Asteroid Dinkinesh.


CLPS – Het uur van de waarheid nadert.
The Space Review: Commercial lunar landers prepare for liftoff.


De zonsverduistering van 14.10.2023 (o.a. vanuit de ruimte).
Space News: In wake of eclipse, NOAA prepares for enhanced solar observations.
AlabamaWx: Watching the Eclipse from Satellite.
Mashable: NASA Astronaut Captures Stunning View Of Solar Eclipse from International Space Station.
SpaceRef: Lunar Eclipse Shadow As Seen From Orbit.

NOAA Satelliltes: NOAA Satellites View Annular Eclipse.
NASA: The Ring of Fire: 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse (Official NASA Broadcast).
NASA: NASA Sounding Rocket Launches from White Sands, New Mexico.
NASA: Heliophysics Big Year (Official NASA Trailer).


Nieuws uit de (inter)planetaire ruimte.

Chinese plannen voor het zonnestelsel:
NSF: China Details Solar System Exploration Plans.

Universe Today: Mercury is Still Shrinking.
NASA: Mercury’s Strange Hollows.

SpaceRef: New Model Explains Precious Metals In Earth’s Mantle.
Astrum (filmpje): What Satellites Can See From Space Is Troubling.
NASA: International Ocean Satellite Monitors How El Niño Is Shaping Up.

The Times Of India: Seeing Chandrayaan-3 craft development, US experts wanted India to share space technology with them.
The Times of India: When Chandrayaan-3 instrument had a momentary blackout.
NASA (filmpje): Special Delivery for NASA's Moon Rover (VIPER).
SpaceCom: All Together Now: Drill Joins Other Moon Rover Science Instruments (VIPER).
Inside Outer Space: Russia’s Luna-25 Failed Moon Lander Yields Water Ice Finding.
Space News: China to launch Queqiao-2 moon relay satellite in early 2024.

NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3977-3979: Taking a Rain Check.
NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3980-3981: Cliffhangers Go by the Name of 'Stand By' in Mission Operations.
NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3982-3983: Welcome to the Drillhole Family, 'Sequoia'!
NASA Curiosity Status Report: Sols 3984-3986: Sampling Sequoia.
Inside Outer Space: Mars Helicopter: Flight #62 Success Stats.
NASA Ingenuity: Flight 63 Preview – By the Numbers.
Space News: NASA starts reassessment of Mars Sample Return architecture.
Europe in Space: Is the Mars Earth Return Orbiter doomed? (MSR).
SpaceCom: Mars was shaken by its strongest marsquake ever in 2022. Now we know what caused it.
Mashable: Unprecedented quake on Mars wasn't caused by what you think.
SpaceCom: A mud lake on Mars might be hiding signs of life in chaotic terrain.
Business Wire: Rocket Lab Integrating Twin Spacecraft for Mission to Mars for NASA – ESCAPADE.
ESA: Year 2075: martian rovers saved from cyber attack.

SpaceCom: Jupiter's volcanic moon Io looks stunning in new Juno probe photos.
Universe Today: Juno Completes its Closest Flyby of Io Yet.

SpaceCom: Could Neptune's largest moon swing a spacecraft into the planet's orbit?

Planetoïde Ceres:
SpaceCom: Dwarf planet Ceres could be a great place to hunt for alien life. Here's why.

Planetoïde Bennu:
NASA Blog: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Achieves Sample Mass Milestone.

Planetoïdes Didymos en Dimorphos.
ESA (filmpje): Hera asteroid mission goes on trial.

Universe Today: There are 14,000 Potentially Hazardous City-Killing Asteroids Left to Find.

NASA: NASA’s Voyager Team Focuses on Software Patch, Thrusters.

Nog dit van onze noorderburen:
Werkgroep Maan en Planeten (NL): We hebben een podcast.


Over het “monopolie” van SpaceX.
NextBigFuture: SpaceX Will Leverage Mass Production into a Satellite Monopoly.
SpaceCom: SpaceX's private control of satellite internet concerns military leaders: report.

: SpaceX’s near monopoly on rocket launches is a ‘huge concern,’ Lazard banker warns.
The Space Review: SpaceX launches a debate on monopolies.
Space News: Air Force satisfied with SpaceX services, not concerned about its growing dominance.

Space News
: The Accidental Monopoly.


Sierra Space vindt 290 miljoen dollar.
Sierra Space: Sierra Space Increases Total Investment to a Record $1.7 Billion with $290M Series B Funding, Bringing Valuation to $5.3 Billion.
Space News: Sierra Space raises $290 million.
CNBC: Sierra Space raises nearly $300 million from Japanese consortium at over $5 billion valuation.


Stoke Space vindt 100 miljoen dollar.
Space News: Stoke Space raises $100 million for reusable rocket development.
GovConWire: Reusable Rocket Builder Stoke Space Gets $100M in New Series B Funding.


Astra Space op zoek naar geld.
Yahoo Finance: Astra Space Is Exploring Options, Including Asset Sales.
TechCrunch: Astra Space weighs up selling parts of its business as it looks for cash.


In-Orbit Servicing.
Space News: Rogue Space Systems gets US Air Force funds to advance in-orbit servicing tech.

The Space Review
: How orbital refueling will unlock humanity’s potential in space.

: On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing: State of Play and Perspectives on Future Evolutions.
Het bijbehorende rapport kan je hier downloaden (PDF).

The Register
: Delays to NASA's in-orbit satellite refueling robot to push costs over $2B target.


GEOSATS – De markt voor grote GeoSats lijkt kleiner te worden.
Air & Cosmos: The market for geostationary telecommunications satellites remains low.

Satellite Pro ME
: Small GEO sats to create big impact: Emile de Rijk.
Satellite Pro ME: Small GEO sats to create big impact.

Space News
: Small satellite maker Swissto12 gets capital to shake up GEO market.


INSPECTOR SAT – Russische Luch op bezoek bij andere geosats. Chinese “monitoring satellites”. PAN.
Space News: Slingshot Aerospace harnessing AI to track suspicious satellites.
Payload: Russian Luch 2 Maneuvers in GEO.

: Did Russia position a geostationary satellite over Israel last month? No.

Breaking Defense
: Second Russian Luch/Olymp satellite now trailing Western systems in orbit.
Universe Today: A Russian Satellite Has Shifted Within 60 km of Another Spacecraft. VIDEO: The dangers of Chinese spy satellite activities.
SatTrackCam: PAN is on the move again.


Een Chinese ASAT in de vermomming van een ruimtevliegtuigje?
The Space Review: Hiding in plain sight: Is China’s spaceplane a co-orbital ASAT in disguise?

Moeten satellieten beschermd worden ?
Space News: U.S. intelligence agencies take steps to protect commercial satellites.
Space News: Space Force pitch to private sector: ‘Help us with space protection’.

: US Space Force creates 1st unit dedicated to targeting adversary satellites.
SpaceCom: The US Space Force has a new mission statement to secure everything 'in, from and to space'.
US DOD: Department of Defense Releases Space Policy Review and Strategy on Protection of Satellites.
Ars Technica: Space Force chief says commercial satellites may need defending.


DEBRIS – SpaceX vecht FAA-rapport aan.
Space News: SpaceX slams FAA report on falling space debris danger.
Ars Technica: SpaceX says FAA is wrong about Starlink satellite debris falling to Earth.


DEBRIS – Lancering Chandrayaan-3 moest ruimteafval ontwijken.
Space News: India shifted launch of its Chandrayaan-3 moon lander to avoid space objects.
Gizmodo: Space Collision Concerns Delayed India's Moon Launch.


DEBRIS – Astroscale mag een grote “dode” satelliet gaan inspecteren (ELSA- ADRAS).
SpaceCom: Astroscale gets up to $80 million for space junk inspection mission.


DEBRIS – Nog twee kandidaten om 2 LEO-satellieten te “verwijderen” – Astroscale / Clearspace.
Space News: Debris-removal contenders hit design milestone for double-satellite mission.

Video From Space
(filmpje): Clearspace-1! Space junk removal mission explained.


DEBRIS – Meer nieuwtjes.
The Register: ESA funds space weather satellite swarm to understand and combat orbital debris – ROARS.
SpaceCom: Studying space weather can help address space debris. Here's how.

: NASA space lasers could become earth’s first line of defense against collisions and spaceborne threats.

The Space Review
: Getting a new civil space traffic management system on track.
Space News: Riverside Research to develop software to analyze space objects in congested orbits.


SATCOM – Direct-to-Device.
Via Satellite: How Big is the Satellite Industry’s Direct-to-Device Opportunity?
Space News: Satellite industry debates size of direct-to-device market.
Via Satellite: The Future of Smartphones With Satellite Direct-to-Handset.
Tesmanian: SpaceX Starlink debuts new website for Direct to Cell service.
Forbes: First Ever 5G To Space: 14 Mbps Between Smartphone and Satellite (BlueWalker 3) Equals Competition For Starlink.
Space News: AST SpaceMobile’s prototype satellite makes first 5G connection.
IEEE Spectrum: Space 5G Changes Course Cellular industry predictions for 2023 fell short, as satellite technology branched into IoT.


Nog dit – Hoe lang blijf je leven in de ruimte zonder ruimtepak.
Live Science: How long could a person survive in space without a spacesuit?

Veel lees- en kijkplezier,