VVS Klein-Brabant is een afdeling van de Vereniging voor Sterrenkunde met als thuisbasis Bornem (Wintam).

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M33,Triangulum Galaxy in Triangulum

 The Triangulum Galaxy is a spiral galaxy that's located about 3 million light years from Earth. This galaxy belongs to the Local Group of galaxies. The Local Group is a physical group of about 54 galaxies that cover a diameter of 3 megaparsec and is part of the Virgo Supercluster.M33 was discovered in 1654 by Giovanni Hodierna. About 100 years later, Charles Messier rediscovered this galaxy.
In very dark conditions (so not where I live) you might spot this galaxy with the naked eye.


Image taken with a Orion Optics 14" Newton Telescope
and QSI583 WSG CCD-camera.
LRGB 480:300:200:180